Pakistan Tourism – Pakistan Tour Guide and Places to visit in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan

Are you planning your vacation, wanting to relax in a few days or weeks and enjoy the beautiful Pakistan places? What are you waiting for, just grab your passport, ticket and bag and start your journey to a country rich in culture and heritage. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of Pakistan which is full of natural and charming landscapes, maybe you have ever seen on the internet and dreamed of going there. Pakistan tourism introduce the world’s most amazing Himalayan mountain range with K2, the world’s second highest peak, greenery, the world’s most beautiful capital, beautiful and old architecture and the birthplace of the world’s oldest civilizations ۔ In Pakistan, a variety of food can be enjoyed and the people here are the most hospitable in the world.

Pakistan’s tourism industry is emerging day by day due to the natural beauty of Pakistan. The capital, Islamabad, is sheltered from the Himalayas. Many rare species of leopards, deer, deer and rare birds are found in the hills. There are many hiking trails in these hills and there are also amazing picnic spots like Daman Koh from where you can see the whole city. The most beautiful mosque (Faisal Mosque) is also in Islamabad.





Gilgit-Baltistan is the tourism capital of Pakistan. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit GB, there is always a lot of excitement. The best time to see the valleys in Gilgit-Baltistan, lakes and hill stations is the spring season with tree flowers. You can enjoy summer swimming, hiking and mountain biking. In winter you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. There are always lots of fun activities to enjoy in all seasons. There are wonderful valleys like Nalter Valley, Kargah, Paso Valley, Galat Valley, Phandar, Skardu Valley, Hunza Valley and many other beautiful valleys to meet and enjoy the natural beauty of Pakistan.


Gilgit Baltistan


Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir is Pakistan is a fascinating place to visit, full of natural beauty. The real place, known as the sky on earth, is Azad Kashmir, Pakistan because of its lush land, mountains, waterfalls, eye-catching lakes and amazing valleys. There are high attractions for tourists. The valley is full of sapphires, greens and blue water. Rawalpindi is just 80 km from the capital Islamabad and has amazing views and scenery. Banjusa Lake, Jhelum Valley, Lipa Valley, Red Fort, Ramkot Fort and Shorter Lake are famous places to see in Azad Kashmir.


azad kashmir


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

There is a lot of focus on explorers and adventurers in Khyber, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). There are many beautiful landscapes, green fields, valleys and hills. Mansehra is a big city of KPK. The Karakoram Highway, which connects China, is also connected to the city. It has many tourist destinations and valleys like Naran, Kagan, Swat places and Kalam Valley. Lake Saif al-Muluk, along with Babusar Peak, is also a popular tourist destination.


khyber pakhtunkhwa



Pakistan’s most populous, fertile and second largest province, is very attractive to visitors from all over the world. It is also known as the land of the five rivers. Historic buildings dating back to the Mughal Empire are still well maintained in the Punjab, a model of Mughal architecture. Ancient civilization, Harappa of the Indus Valley about 4000 years ago and today’s important city is also in Punjab. It has many historical sites such as Shalimar Garden, Badshahi Mosque and many forts. It also contains cucumber salt mine. In Punjab, the world’s second salt mine which is also a tourist attraction.


punjab Pakistan




You can visit the big coastal city of Karachi, Sindh for a wonderful sunset and a walk on the beach. Beach lovers have many opportunities here as it has many beautiful beaches in the Arabian Sea. There are many other amazing tourist destinations like Keenjhar Lake, and Manchar, which is the largest freshwater lake.





Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan. As well as being the largest in area, it also contains valuable minerals and the earth is rich in natural resources. There are many beautiful places that attract tourists. To make your visit easier and more enjoyable, there are fewer popular and valuable tourist destinations. Missing Monday, Bolan is a wonderful place to see. People, locals, believe that there are some Sunnahs, which are hidden from human eyes. The Quaid’s residence in Ziarat also attracts visitors from all over the country. Father of the nation, spend your last days in a wooden house. Due to its historical significance, it is one of the most visited places in Balochistan. There are many more amazing places to see in Balochistan.




There are so many amazing places to see in Pakistan. Once you visit, you’ll love to meet again and again. Hope this helps you. Let’s share this post with your friends so they can join you to make your tour more enjoyable.


How To Increase Tourism in Pakistan

On the world map, Pakistan is the most blessed country with diverse culture, natural beauty, remnants of ancient civilization, and archaeological heritage. If natural nature is blessed with four types of weather, lush and lush land, pleasant scenery and also gets five out of fourteen peaks in the world. It has wonderful valleys along the rivers. Crystal cleans water canals, amazing lakes, mighty mountains and lush green meadows. There is no doubt that Pakistan’s tourism industry is growing day by day but there is a huge potential in it, which can be achieved by taking serious steps.

Before we talk about measures to boost tourism, we will take a look at the potential of the tourism industry around the world and in Pakistan. Take a look at the countries around you first. In 2017, for the first time in its history, India recorded about 101 million foreign tourists, China had about 60 million tourists and Turkey hosted about 37 million foreign tourists. But in the same period, Pakistan had only 2 million foreign tourists.

Tourism Industry History

Tourism has become a major source of income worldwide. In 2017, tourism accounted for more than 10% of global GDP. Turkey generates 20% of its GDP through the tourism industry. According to the World Tourism and Travel Council, Pakistan’s share in total GDP is only 2.7%. It shows how the world earns revenue from tourism and how badly Pakistan needs to take care of its tourism industry. Here are some simple and practical steps to increase tourism in Pakistan.

The first and foremost requirement for the tourism industry in any country is safety and security. No matter how beautiful a place is, if there is a security threat, no one will endanger themselves. Therefore, in order to increase tourism in Pakistan, the law and order situation has to be improved. At the national level, a number of operations have been carried out by law enforcement agencies, including the army, Rangers and police, and Pakistan has successfully stopped the scourge of terrorism. The overall security situation in the country is satisfactory. To restore the confidence of tourists at the local level and create a positive image, the policing system needs to be ruthlessly changed and improved across the country. There must be some such system in place to ensure the safety and security of tourists, especially in tourist places and public places.

Roads And Infrastructure

People are going out to relax from the usual chores and spend some time in a peaceful environment away from noisy and polluted cities. This would not be possible without infrastructure and standard travel facilities. If you have visited Murree places or any other hill station during public holidays or religious festivals, you may have experienced road bumps and dirt on the way, which is very disturbing. Roads and infrastructure need to be improved to deal with such problems. He will also lead other related businesses in Pakistan’s growing tourism industry.

pakistan roads


Building Rest Houses And Hotels

After experiencing traffic jams, when one arrives at a hill station, another challenge is to find a good room with standard basic amenities. Due to the increase in visitors, the prices of all the rooms and hotels in the room go up and even everyone gets booked. To deal with housing problems, it is necessary to build houses and hotels or restaurants and this will also create jobs and business opportunities for the local people.


pakistan hotels and rest houses


Improve The Cleaning System

As mentioned above, the best and most beautiful natural places in the world, mountain stations, lakes and landscapes are in Pakistan but there is no system of hygiene and sanitation. Lots of rubbish and plastic waste can be seen everywhere which sinks all the beauty. So, there must be some sanitation system to control waste and garbage. Along with developing the system, a public awareness campaign should also be launched.


cleaning the paksitan


Simplify The Visa Process

For foreign tourists, the most important thing is to issue a visa. Most countries have introduced e-visas for tourists. The visa issuance system also gives the first impression of any country. The government of Pakistan has recently announced visa-free entry for 30 tourist-friendly countries, which is a good move, so it is necessary to further improve and facilitate it.


Simplify The Visa Process


Branding And Advertising

For any business to succeed and grow, marketing and product positioning are essential. Branding is the best option for long lasting effects and marketing results. Every tourist friendly country brands itself to a great extent. For example, India brands itself as “Incredible India” and Malaysia as “Malaysia Really Asia”. So what is the reason that Pakistan, with its beautiful landscapes, powerful mountains, one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, beautiful mosques, and many other attractions, is the birthplace of the world’s oldest civilizations, its positive image and true face. Not showing to the world. Through branding?


advertising pakistan


Maintain And Discover Tourist Destinations

Restoration and upgrading of existing tourist destinations is also required. Due to the increasing tourism activities, the tourist destinations are also getting more and more crowded every year. All four provinces of Pakistan have great potential to expand the tourism industry. Therefore, Pakistan has been blessed with incredible natural beauty which needs to be discovered and maintained. It will attract new tourists and adventure lovers from all over the world and will also provide business opportunities to the locals.

By improving the above areas, Pakistan’s tourism industry can be successful and Pakistan can earn more every year.