Top Places to visit in Islamabad – Tourist, Historical and Islamabad Famous Places


Islamabad is the best unmatched, green and beautiful Capital of Pakistan. It is no wonder that the second best stain rule is the rule of all this kind of circumstance that is generated in such a large scale. Islamabad is not just the beautiful city of Pakistan,  it is the most appealing of the urban areas of the world. Islamabad is home to lots of interested wood populations, historical sites, beautiful places, Islamabad famous places and parks around cities for the visit . Its astonishment and peace and prosperity are found in this city.

It seems to be on the legal system and progress. Islam is known as the plaintiff of the mountains. Islamabad is the mountain which is possible for its existence. Pakistan’s air condition is especially a lot of fun in Pakistan, especially in the winter of me. And in Islamabad, there is a lot of violence in Islamabad for praising the reality of nature. There is a character in a rousing place in Islamabad which is coming home in during the winter season. The Inquiry is that in Islamabad, especially when you are surrounded by a house, this is the best places to visit in Islamabad on the right place in Islamabad.

Top Most Beautiful and Attractive Places to visit in Islamabad


Faisal Mosque

Shah Faisal Masjid is the largest mosque in Pakistan, of which it was built in 1986. This is a beautiful mosque in Pakistan’s beautiful mosques whose appearance is similar to Arabic tent. It is a lot of traffic space in the current situation and it has been said that if everything goes to Islamabad, then you should meet the Shah Faisal Mosque. People come here not just from Pakistan but all over the world to see Faisal Mosque.


Faisal mosque - best places to visit in islamabad


Pakistan Monument

Pakistan Monument in Pakistan is tweeted as the national memorial of Pakistan. Benazir,who was to sacrifice his life for Pakistan’s independence, was presented in Pakistan Monument. It represents the History, Culture, and Civilization of Pakistan. This museum has been saddened that these people should present the tribute of those who have sacrificed all the life for a separate country. Pakistan’s government publicized certain melodies in making this museum. This is a great spot for Pakistani Lovers.


Pakistan Monument


Margalla Hills

Margalla Hills is the piece of Himalaya Mountains. This is a very beautiful place where many people come from and around the world Because the mountains of the mountains are very noticeable and very spectacular. You can run or walk in the area, which is just a beautiful place in Islamabad, in view of the most beautiful light of the mountains; This is a great spot for people.


Magalla Hills - places to visit in islamabad



A beautiful place on the Margalla Hills of called Daman-e- Koh. It’s pretty much beautiful and there are too many plants. Daman-e- Koh place is located in the mountains from where Islamabad looks at the beauty of the city. Daman-e- Koh place is a fantastic place for visitors to Islamabad. You can find many monkeys who roam there, do not stay with them because they capture the crime procession at any time Or you can trouble with something.




Shakar Parian

Shakar Parian, because of a strange house in Islamabad, the visitor is drawn in the wire. The weather condition here is close to zero. Shakar Parian is a place from which the best sight of the Rawal Lake is visible for the eyes; the hopes are expected. Rawal lake water is a precious stone. Shakar Parian is a great and most attractive spot in Islamabad.


Shakar Parian - islamabad famous places


Rawal Lake

On this occasion, you need happy work with the family. It is a house to visit the Rawal Lake. It is a demand that it should be near and close to the lake so that you can talk to take peddle utensils or acid teases. Rawal Lake great spot for a picnic and caring for animals and traveling place with Your Friends or family. Excellent time to go here an hour before night where you can admire the way of the carpenter’s weight and after that, it is advisable to catch it.


Rawal Lake


Monal Restaurant

During the visit to Daman-e-Koh you can visit the Monal Restaurant. On this occasion; you will find things to eat in the Monal restaurant. Where you can distinguish the reality of this, you can praise Pakistani dishes such as studies. Monal Restaurants and cooks number one in Islamabad. Apart from foods, Monal Restaurant is very charming and very surprised.


monal restaurant - islamabad famous places


Rose and Jasmine Garden

It is essential that the visit of Islamabad for the purpose of empowerment, which is a Jasmine Garden, which is 20 to 360 sq. On which 250 kinds And there are 12 kinds of jasmine roses. This is a beautiful house for guests and local peoples. Seasonal spring and autumn are so charming to watch that weather here


Rose and Jasmine Garden - places to visit in islamabad


Islamabad Club

Islamabad Club is a folk club where it will be a participating government, including work secretaries and first-class people of Islamabad. Swimming pool tennis courts library in this club, and in particular, is more and more full.


islamabad club - islamabad famous places


Centaurus Mall

In addition to a farmer and hair, modest engineering in the city of Islamabad In addition to the Centaurus Mall is one of the finest examples. It is a famous shopping mall and a famous opportunity for guests to have a famous purpose and holiday light. In Centaurus Mall the world best brands and also Pakistani brands available.


Centaurus Mall - places to visit in islamabad


Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad Zoo is a wonderful place for every person. Zoo was made in 1978. Especially youth are in love with the love of Islamabad zoo. There are  600 different types of creatures are being kept in Islamabad Zoo. A large number of visitors come every year to Islamabad Zoo.


islamabad zoo


Itwaar Bazaar

I want to tell about the Sunday Bazaar of Islamabad which is very attractive and prices are as much as sugar. This is a great market to shopping to your friends and  your family well.

itwaar bazaar



Islamabad is a very beautiful city that looks at honey heart discussion and eats food and is very interested in giving back to Pakistan’s brokers. You must see these all during places to visit in Islamabad

Pakistan is a beautiful country in the world and every year millions of tourist visit Pakistan.