Which Brand offers best Professional Wax Heaters for Salon in Pakistan?

Salon Designers have been serving the beauty industry for more than a decade. They provide their dedicated customers with reliable and accountable services. The products they showcase on their website are top-notch. They have brought professional wax heaters of the best quality.


  • Salon paraffin wax warmer:


It is a high-quality wax warmer that beautifies your hands, feet, and elbow and helps with mild arthritis at home. This professional wax heater system is for home and salon use and provides heat therapy that is useful for hands. It can improve mobility.


It heats quickly in 20 minutes and has a large capacity the aluminum inner pot offers a range of adjustable temperatures which makes wax melt quickly and evenly. The heater has a large opening you can quickly put your hands, feet, and elbow in it. Place wax into the machine and adjust the desired temperature, wait for 20 minutes, put your hands, feet, or elbow in the wax and relax for 10 minutes and peel off the wax. The wax temperature should be tested and put the heat-insulating grid into the melted wax.

  • Intimo wax heater and warmer:


Perhaps one of the best wax heaters is the Intimo wax heater it is considered the ideal wax warmer for beauty professionals and at-home use. It can be used for most types of wax and keeps wax at a constant temperature.


It has a soft stainless steel surface coated with shielding paint, and handles, and is equipped with an extra container for hard waxes such as a bead. The good thing about is that it comes with removable lids which makes it easier to clean, sanitize and improve functionality.


This wax heater has an on-and-off indicator light that ensures the wax temperature is ideal no matter the wax formula. It will heat the product evenly.


  • Portable Roll-on Wax Cartridge heater:


This best wax heater machine is a small and flexible one it is portable and gives your skin comfort and a calm feeling. It has automatic heating. This is great for people who are traveling and can’t go to the spa and don’t have that much time for waxing. You can take this anywhere you want. Rolls wax on the skin without using a brush or spatula that is commonly used for hair removal. It is for beauty care and maintenance. The crack-free plastic lid speeds up the melting.

  • Professional Double Container Wax heater:


This professional wax heater is of salon quality. The professionals cherish this double wax warmer, it has a metal construction body and comes with two aluminum pots for loose wax, and both openings are designed to fit standard wax cans. It is easy to use and each of the two sides has isolated temperature settings to maintain different temperatures.

To sum it up:

The listed products on their website are of the best quality you’ll find in Pakistan. They offer market competitive prices and from their customer support to delivery time everything is top-class. They always try to bring the latest trends and technology to the market to address customer needs. The wax heaters on their website are the best you could find with the prices they are offering.