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Dreamnex is the ultimate in delivering a world-class, luxurious lifestyle in Bahria Town, Karachi. This lifestyle is filled with an excess of lavish facilities and perfection. Our projects in Bahria Town, Karachi, are built to meet your high standards and are in great places. Dreamsnex is an initiative started by Salam Estate & Builders to provide the people of Pakistan with making services comparable to those seen in other parts of the globe. Since it began in 2021, DreamsNex has grown a lot in terms of the number of customers it serves, the number of people on its team, and the number and size of the development projects it works on. At the same time, it has also been making more money. Throughout its history, the company has built a track record of making connections with customers that are reliable and trustworthy on every level.


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Our team comprises engineers, project managers, and technical experts with a lot of experience. Every employee is dedicated to the organization’s main goal, which is to finish building projects in an honest and honorable way. DreamNex is doing very well on all six of its projects and is meeting them on schedule.


About DreamsNex Marketing:


DreamsNex has launched its own real estate marketing agency, “Dreamsnex Marketing.” The main goal of DreamsNex Marketing is to become the most creative and innovative real estate marketing agency in Pakistan. Our mission is to make the home-buying and selling processes less stressful and more rewarding for you. We work hard to raise the standard for the real estate business and always act ethically. Our long-term objective is to grow into Karachi as a whole, beginning with Bahria Town, where we are now the leading real estate brokerage.


DreamsNex Marketing aims to improve its clients’ quality of life by bringing new ideas, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on the client experience to the real estate business. We want to be Pakistan’s best real estate company by offering the best customer service and the widest range of new luxury houses, housing complexes, housing plots, commercial properties, and investment properties. There is no such thing as good enough for us, so we will never stop striving for perfection. Our construction methods are considered state-of-the-art. Both the design and quality of our products will always improve, and the company works hard to be the most knowledgeable and skilled in every industry.



Public relations experts at DX Marketing make sure that our conversations with potential clients are always interesting and well-done. A consultation with our PR expert might help you better allocate your time. Our public relations agent will use tags, hashtags, and headings. Our client gets enough media attention through SEO descriptions, back-end links, and other social media tools. This will allow our PR agent to better manage the brand’s publicity by raising your social media page’s ranking and making more people aware of your real estate firm. DX Marketing’s event planning services are run by people who are experts in experiential marketing. They have years of experience and a “never say die” attitude when taking on new challenges. DX Marketing also offers a service to organize and run events. We’re the kind of people who try new ways to solve problems all the time, so we do our best to predict possible roadblocks and work hard to get past them. Anyone can feel overwhelmed by many assets, like newsletter announcements, social media platforms, and marketing content, that need to be updated and used for multiple audiences simultaneously. In any case, we are in exciting times.


Our group knows that the best way to avoid confusion and lessen the effects of bad results is to take time and plan ahead. Using our digital marketing services for real estate, commercial and residential real estate companies can make their advertising more efficient and reach more potential buyers. Learn more about how our digital marketing agency can boost the online success of your real estate company. Meet with our digital marketing experts for real estate and get a free quote on your project. We at DX Marketing provide professional video editing services to real estate marketers.


If you want to give your video a polished, professional vibe, you’ve come to the right place. We can edit your property videos into stunning pieces of art that will bring in more business. We also provide expert cinematography and editing, 3D videos, imaginative graphic designs, and site construction. In addition, we want to offer 3D virtual floor plans in 2D and 3D. Regarding visual design, we will create branding projects from scratch, produce campaigns, manage a team of designers, and provide excellent art and creative direction, websites, and onsite digital experiences.

CEO Introduction

The motivational group’s founder. Mr. Saifullah is the glue that holds the firm together with his twenty years of expertise in the construction and real estate industries. He has had prominent roles in both international and domestic powerhouses. Partners greatly benefit from his presence because of the exposure they will get from his knowledge and skills. One who takes initiative and is always willing to help out. As one of his favorite quotes puts it, the best way to make others around you happy is to be happy yourself. Salaam Estate & Builders has operated under the slogan “We believe in trust” since its inception, and in that time it has worked hard to uphold a code of ethics, provide services that add value to customers’ lives, and earn the respect of the company’s many constituents.