Famous Attraction and Historical Places to Visit in Multan


A beautiful and natural place around who world that rests on a great opportunity to tell a person. Multan is a very beautiful and historical place of Pakistan. Like other cities of Multan, comes with beautiful, unique and fast execution. Pakistan’s fifth city according to Multan population. More than 3 million peoples in Multan speak Seraiki language. This is the main attraction of tourist who comes to Pakistan because there are a lot of historical spots. there are most beautiful and historical places to visit in Multan.

Best places to visit in Multan

Mausoleum of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya

Baha-ud-Din Zakariya is the disciple of Shaikh Shahid who was the great Sufi master. The peoples, tourist, and pilgrims of all over the world visit Baha-ud-Din Zakariya Tomb. People take great care of it because helped spread Islam.


Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya

Tomb Shah Ali Akbar

Shah Ali Akbar has acted as an ancestral and spiritual foundation with strong paths to Islam. This allows you to see the other parts of Multan. It is small but its look like Shah Rukh Alam tomb.


Tomb Shah Ali Akbar

Tomb Shah Rukhne Alam

The High topography gives to Multan has taken a beautiful look and advantage to see the escape of the city. The beautiful architecture edition of more than 700 years is included in the 17 century. The tomb of Shah Rukhne Alam is very old and including in the list of historic Multan places.


Tomb Shah Rukhne Alam

Fort Kohna

Fort Kohna is a very old fort Which was prepared 2600 years ago. The length of this building is approximately 7000 feet and the width is about 40 feet. This building was built for the cities of Multan because avoid from the invaders of west and northern neighbor cities. This fort is included in the center of Multan.


Fort Kohna - places to visit in multan

Monument of Van Alexander Agnew

This is a memorable one on the foundation of Sikh evolution in Pakistan. Monument of Van Alexander Agnew is located in Qasim Bagh. It was killed under the Sikh administration.


Monument of Van Alexander Agnew

Multan Art Gallery

In Multan Art Gallery a huge numbers of historical paintings about the commercial and cultural life. Most of these paintings are genuine paintings made by local handicrafts.


multan art gallery -places to visit in multan


Yadgar e Shuhada

Yadgar e Shuhada is the most beautiful place in Multan which made by white marble. It is situated at Shershas road in Multan. This place has been built in memory of the Soldiers Who were martyred during the war of Pakistan and India.


Yadgar e Shuhada

Chenab River Bank

Chenab River has a great chance to celebrate a picnic of Multan peoples. Winter season is a great time to visit this Chenab River. During the season of winter, you can quite ride on the river. During the summer season, a lot of pulses is preferred in the surface of the water when the river can be more dangerous. A lot of eyes are seen on the horse and camel ride on the bank.


chinab river - places to visit in multan

Hussain Agahi Bazar

Hussain Bazaar lets you recoup a market, but it needs a listing of any product. This is the largest market in Multan, thinks about a product only about it and you believe in looking for it. The price is very easy to negotiate. It is softer embroidery shoes and Multan embroidered suits Who are you just in this market.


Hussain Agahi Bazar


Multan is the cultural and historically rich city of Pakistan. Multan is the most ancient city and still stand with ancient Sufi saints.


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