Top Fascinating Places to visit in Hyderabad Pakistan of Rich History


Hyderabad is the second largest city in Sindh and eighth of Pakistan. This city is rich in the history and full amazing and historical places to visit in Hyderabad. Hyderabad’s hilltop is surrounded by the legends of Sand. If you are in Hyderabad then you have a job you need to visit, because these spots are very interesting and weird today. Famous places in Hyderabad are following :

Must Visit Tourist and Famous Places In Hyderabad

Pakka Qilla

Pakka Qilla Hyderabad was fought in Pakistan, the Pakka Qilla was included on the mountain, and its art wall was moving with the appearance of the mountain, with a quick toe and asked for an answer was decorated in his strange shape. This was the place where the treasure was located.

pakka qilla - famous places in hyderabad

Kacha Qilla

Maki Shah Qilla or The weak fort was built in 1768 by Kalhoro ruler, who had made it, used this unbaked mud inter, thus there is no Kana work rotation which means weak fort. The fort is in a very devastated state. Today, more and more people will visit Makki Shah’s Mazar on the hill of Makki Qilla. This separation is the best example of early modern fortifications.

Kacha Qila

Sindh Museum

This is a big museum in Hyderabad which is very big halls because in this museum the heritage and history of Hyderabad of Indus civilization. The things of the Emperor and artifacts in front of this auspicious are exhibited. There are many galleries in the museum, where crime has shown their everyday lives by wiring through business stars. This is a very beautiful place in Hyderabad and the date is for visitors.


sindh museum - amazing places to visit in hyderabad


Tomb of the Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro

Main Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro tomb is very large and beautiful armor is decorated with tiles. If this fever has ended and now has been turned from a flat side. It’s a great and memorable one Fort in Pakistan.


Mian Ghulam - places to visit in hyderabad


Tombs of Talpur Mirs

The second name of the tomb of Mirs is called Miran Ja Cuba. In these Mirs the ruler tombs are large and their wives and their children are smaller mausoleums. In this Mirs have many toms which have uncovered and unmarked mean anonymous. These toms decorated by tiles from outside.


Tombs of Talpur Mirs


Badshahi Bungalow

Badshahi Bungalow is the great palace of Mir Hassan Ali Khan Talpur. This place where you can explore for the honor of the Mughals with your tri-life and things, which are the mall education instructors who are the bears.


Badshahi Bungalow


Rani Bagh

Rani Bagh Previously Das Garden is a zoological garden that happened in Hyderabad city. This garden was flavored again on Queen Victoria. This is very complacent praise and is a great place for children.


rani bagh - best places to visit in hyderabad


Navalrai Market Clock Tower

Navalrai Market Tower of Hyderabad was incorporated in 1491. This clock tower is at the end of the Shahi market and the main entrance of the Pakka fort. Shahi Bazar is a common Pakistani market. The architect of the market is also famous for building and also havelis and balconies. It is also called Ghanta Ghar.


clock tower - famous places in hyderabad


Hyderabad is a attraction city like modern culture, old tradition, local population, delightful and historical places.