Peshawar City | Famous & Historical Places to Visit in Peshawar


Peshawar is the most dashing and charming city with the full of history of Mughal Era, 17th Century. The ancient places mention the great history of Peshawar. Peshawar is also the Capital of KPK. With the world’s highest population of Pakhtuns tribe, it could become their soul in Pakistan, but it has become harder. This is a place of history lovers. Historical streets, buildings, and bazaars are the best places to visit in Peshawar city.

Top Famous and Historical places to visit in Peshawar

Qisa Khwani Bazaar

Qisa Khwani Bazaar is known as the Street of Storytellers which 1000 years back. So after it takes its name on the story whichever is it in this market and with fascinating stories of love and war, the army and the travelers. If the stories of these are gone now, the environment remembers them. You can just roam the market here and take it in place and when you are on it, sit at a tea shop and take a green tea which is called Green Tea.


Qisa Khwani Bazaar

Peshawar Museum

Peshawar Museum was built in 1905 during the British Colonialist Regime known as Victoria Hall. Gandhara art is the most famous for this compulsion. In Peshawar Museum Currently show 14000 different items of different civilizations, and statues, coins, household items weapons, art and crafts and so on.


peshawar museum


Mohabat Khan Mosque

Mohabat Khan Mosque is very old and very beautiful Mosque in Peshawar. This mosque was made by Mohabat Khan when he was the governor of that time. Mohabat Khan Masjid is a very good example of architecture and you will definitely encourage this.


Mohabat khan Mosque


Bala Hisaar Fort

Whatever you are coming from Rawalpindi or Khyber The first tremendous thing you get from your eyes when you reach Peshawar is Bala Hisaar Fort. You cannot fail to recline at the time of passing through its huge battlements and ramparts. When you stand in front of it, then you will first appreciate its beauty. Even if you are traveling from south or west visit to Peshawar for this beautiful fort, then it’s worth it.


Bala Hisaar fort


Chowk Yaadgar

Chowk Yaadgar is a verbal passage of roads and markets, according to Peshawar. This has warned religious, political and international issues in the country. Chowk Yaadgar was nominated in the memory of Colonel Hastings in 1969.


Chowk Yaadgar - historical places to visit in peshawar


Sethi Houses

The old walls of Sethi house present in Sethi Mohalla will end up any person. Whoever sees this, can appreciate its date part of its beauty. These beautiful houses are decorated with designs to the wooden doors by simple pieces of oil paint rooms. When you step inside Sethi Houses then you will be greatly enhanced by its praise that will force you to go back in time.


sethi houses - historical places to visit in peshawar


University Of Peshawar

The University Of Peshawar was established in 1950. This is the first public university in KPK. Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctor Study Programs offers in this University. In this university along with 40 graduate departments with applause about 14,000 participants in the university. Social, medical and Natural Sciences are Forced to Promote University. This university is spread over 1045 acres of land.


University Of Peshawar

Hindu Kush Mountains

If you have to take care of some weird adventure road visits and beautiful eyes, take a safari of the Hindu Kush Mountains. It is a hill that reaches the world’s roof where you can see the world’s most difficult mountain. This is the most adventure spot in Peshawar. These mountains spread from Peshawar to Northern Areas.


hindu kush mountains


Khyber Pass

One of the weirdest passes in the world the Khyber Pass is that there is another reason for Pakistan’s whole world. This Khyber Pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan. This Pass works as a door to the firm all over Asia and to make it.


khyber pass - places to visit in peshawar


Rahman Baba Tomb

Rahman Baba is the great poet in Pashto history and will remain. The tomb of Rahman Baba is situated in Peshawar. This is a place to relax and famous for the Sufis of Peshawar who respect the guests.


rahman baba tomb


There is a small picnic place in Peshawar known as Sardaryab. It has been a confession to Kabul River. You can visit this place with your family. Here you will find the fish very tasty.




Wazir Bagh

Wazir Bagh is a very beautiful and relaxing places to visit in Peshawar. This bagh has a lake, football land, and animals. It has an ancient historical contracted place of the 18th century in the era of Shah Mahmood Durrani.


Wazir Bagh - best places to visit in peshawar


Peshawar city is the full of history , if you are in Peshawar so must visit these historical and beautiful places to visit in Peshawar.