The Most Famous and Toursit Places To Visit in Abbottabad


Abbottabad is located 50 km northeast of the capital of Pakistan Islamabad. This is a beautiful and stunning place like paradise. It’s one of those places or you can say that one of the places on which the name of God is similar and that you cannot do anymore now, will it not be possible for God to remove this city. I recommend you if you are in Abbottabad or near Abbottabad, you are traveling around if you are capturing the intention to go to a top famous and tourist and best places to visit in abbottabad, which you tell yourself on behalf of yourself. I am sure that you will fall in love with this city and love and you want to rest more than this, if you try to rains again to be the beauty of this city.

 Incredible Places Of Abbottabad

Thandiani Hills

Thandiani Hills is a very beautiful and well-lit spot in Abbottabad.  Allah made a great deal of grace to give this city a blessing along with nature and can understand the beauty of the hills. You will see the pleasant of these mountains in every season.


Thandiani Hills - abbottabad tourist places


Shimla Hill

The Shimla Hills in Abbottabad have been included in a beautiful places to visit in abottabad. If you have coffee or tea in your hand then you can make a great deal. I will not forget to say that if you are above the hill then so you will find yourself very fresh and very beautiful which will be very memorable for you.

shimla hills in abbottabad

Miranjani Top

This is the most dashing peak in Abbottabad. It is located in Ayubia. This is the top peak of the district of the Abbottabad.


Miranjani Top - abbottabad tourist places


Ilyasi Mosque

Ilyasi Mosque including in Abbottabad tourist places list, because it is ancient and too large. In this mosque the fresh water that flow mountains to the mosque. You can blame storms from this area around this mosque because it is very good every season. One important thing about the mosque is to tell you about the famous thing which is very famous; it is only such an Ilyasi Pakora.

ilyasi mosque - abbottabad tourist places

Harnoi Lake

Harnoi Lake is the best place of a picnic where you can be very enjoyed. If you are betting a picnic with your family or with a trip to the school. You will get to get the puppet if you feel like going to this Lake.


Harnoi Lake


Lady Garden

Lady garden is usually forced to end our day. After many things in the home office and the school’s college, where the family comes every day. This area is also like an aristocratic parking lot because, with its family, there goes a great time. It is very beautiful and very much published where it is very relaxing. And if you are alone then you can make a point in your own and especially in the evening.


Lady Garden - best place to visit in abbottabad

Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex

Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex has been included in 1993 to go to a storied place and to make a difference/ It is one of the best design buildings. This building has a big hall and it has around 500 to 700 seats for waiting rooms and there are some VIP rooms which are somehow used for their use.

Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex

St Luke’s Church

Abbottabad city is famous for the old infrastructure of British and Hindus settlements. In this, the streets and utensils of the government buildings and the wooden floor of British Houses and religious places and old St Luke’s church. This is the great and best place to visit in Abbottabad for tourist. And the old market and tourist places Abbottabad, which is one side of the Hindus, was due to the fact that the difference in their age is rich.

St Luke’s Church abbottabad

Chair lift

If you want to do the something at the Abbottabad that you have never felt then this beautiful chairlift is the blazer. When you come down from the bottom. You have to face a little before and nothing is understood that one of you is not a big heart for your life. But I can say this with confidence you will fall in love with the best place to visit in Abbottabad when you see these locations.




Abbottabad has pleasant weather and high standard educational institutions and military academy in kakol are famous in Abbottabad. This is the most famous and best places to visit in Abbottabad.