Best Tourist Places to visit in Faisalabad That Every One Must Visit


Faisalabad is the third famous city of Pakistan.  Both historical and social are more attractive in the grand city of Pakistan. The rich historical and Faisalabad famous places to visit both ancient and modern. Fatalistically, everything from the famous shops and markets of the city and Park offers everything for everyone. Faisalabad famous places are following :

Best Tourist Faisalabad Famous Places to visit  are :

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium

Under all the decisions, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan used to play a very good character in the music. He was the master of Qawwali in the world with his love. This auditorium was built in Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali khan memory of the music industry.


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium


Lyall Pur Museum

The doom of this museum began in 2010 and it got completed in 2013. Sandal Bar faces the history of the areas and the culture is in it. Sandal Bar Ravi River and the Chenab River polling area puts light on the image and in this museum there are 10 main different galleries.


Lyall Pur Museum - places to visit in faisalabad


Clock Tower

The Clock Tower has been influenced since the British Raj with the most standing of your standing is one of your assigned tasks. The important thing about this building is that it stands in center of 8 markets, which looks like the unique check on the bridge by the eyes of the bridge.


clock tower Faisalabad - best places to visit in faisalabad


Chenab Club

The Clock Tower is a happy class social club which has presented the sentence of Civil Lines in the main fiction House of the Faisalabad. In which there are easy methods and opportunities for the family, the name of the Chenab mean is status and value.


chenab club faisalabad


Tomb Of Sir James Lyall

By 1979 the decision was later known as Lyallpur after the lieutenant governor of Sir James Land. After his death, the grave was sung in his memorial, which was the office later, one of the most compact historic buildings.


Tomb Of Sir James Lyall - places to visit in faisalabad


Iqbal Cricket Stadium

Whenever any foreign cricket team visits Pakistan, the mystery of Faisalabad goes through the group at Iqbal Stadium to give the guests to you and whatever things are going on.


Iqbal Cricket Stadium


Agriculture University Faisalabad

Faisalabad Agriculture University is the largest university in Asia and 4th ranked in Pakistan.  Agriculture University Faisalabad was built in 1906. In This University thousands of students got education. Education is the most essential prosperity for society.


agriculture university Faisalabad

Koh e Noor Shopping Mall

Koh e Noor Shopping mall is the most famous mall in Faisalabad which is situated on Jaranwala Road. Faisalabad and others visitors love the shopping in this mall. Koh e Noor Mall is famous for best shopping materials like Garments, Computer Market, Jeweler Market, etc.


Koh e Noor Shopping Mall


Gatwala Wildlife Park

Gatwala Wildlife Parks live a lot of homes and with a building awaiting the forest; they handle a very large area. Faisalabad is that the people outside the Green Park and the life of the forest who have exposed rallies.


Gatwala Wildlife Park


So you are visiting Faisalabad for the next. So there are lots of places to visit in Faisalabad city those who do not believe that they are very beautiful and very interesting.