The Most Beautiful And Famous Places to visit in Kohat


Kohat is a renowned city of KPK, found 37 miles south of Peshawar by the Kohat Pass. The Kohat locale is spread over a region of about 3000 square miles.The city is home to a wide range of towns with different societies. Kohat comprised of three clans fundamentally Afridi, Khattak and Bangash and later on, more clans began settling here, growing the population. Kohat fort and Kohat tunnel are kohat famous places. This best and famous places to visit in Kohat you must see.

Top visiting Places to visit in Kohat are following :

Kohat fort

This old Kohat Fort was named as Adh fortification subsequent to King Adh. Its criticalness is colossal because of its area and traveler steadiness. A great part of the fortress has discolored into dividers, however regardless it remains as a photographic goal for vacationers. Having a stroll around the fortress to appreciate the excellence of its remaining parts, and enjoy its noteworthy recollections ought to be a guest’s next activity.

Kohat fort

Kohat Tunnel

Otherwise called the Pak-Japan Tunnel, it is 1.9 km long that associates Kohat city with Darra Adam Khel. This is an improvement that was made in light of avoid the perilous course around there. This passage is useful for exchange reason. Obviously, it is a significant site for travelers also.

Kohat Tunnel


Shakardarra is the main other urban focus, which has a town advisory group in Kohat District. It likewise lies toward the Bannu, however is at very some good ways from the principle parkway. The number of inhabitants in the town board of trustees is 9,403 (1998census). It has a moderate Society with pre-predominantly Khattak populace.


Khushhal Garh

In transit from Kohat to Islamabad one goes over a little settlement of Khushalgarh, which ignores the stream Indus. The stream Indus can be seen obviously from the rest house, which is roosted on a bluff, giving a winged animals eye perspective on the waterway beneath.

Khushhal Garh - places to visit in kohat

Tanda Dam

Tanda Dam was worked in 1960s close Kohat city towards the Hangu region. It is the fundamental wellspring of water system to abutting regions. It has stunning environment, which draw in countless individuals particularly on ends of the week. The quiet amusement given by its normal excellence is amazing.

Tanda Dam - places to visit in kohat

Tanda Wildlife Park

Tanda Wildlife Park is the biggest park in the region with an all out region of 2800 sections of land. It comprises of Tanda store also. Its sublimely rich and spotted scene bolsters a scope of warm blooded animals and winged creatures, just as a couple of reptiles. On the off chance that you have warmth with untamed life and creatures, this is the spot to be at.

Tanda Wildlife Park - places to visit in kohat


Kohat is one of the most historical and beautiful place for tourist.