Murree Mall Road and Beautiful Places to visit in Murree


Murree is a beautiful place the best hill station and mall road best attraction for the tourist that falls under the Rawalpindi district. It is generally known as Mailka-e-Kohsar. Murree was called the queen of hills during the British raj. It is generally known as Mailka-e-Kohsar. Murree was called the queen of hills during the British raj. A lot of people come with family, students, friends etc for places to visit in murree.


Rawalpindi and Islamabad locals come there for spending marvelous moments of life in summer. In Winter Season especially December, January and February, heavy snowfall season starts and tourists from all over the country come to enjoy and celebrate the winter season. Mountains and roads of the Murree covered with white snow during these months and you have great fun. That’s why Pakistan is called the country of all-weather; you can enjoy snowfall for which you do not need to visit a foreign country.

Murree has a pine and oak forest that makes winter cold and snowy. Pleasant attention of tourists in summer who from the hot areas. Kashmir Point is a very busy point place to visit in Murree where tourist enjoys a lot more



Ayubia is the top and the very most popular tourist place in Murree and its central point is “Ayubia National Park”. For an outing with family and children, this is a wonderful place to visit. A lot of food stalls with very delicious food dishes can be seen here. For very enjoyable experience must have a ride at Ayubia chair lift. Ayubia is complex of different hills stations i.e. Galichangla, Khairagali, Ghor Dhaka, and Khanspur. With international standards facilities, these hill stations are upgraded and maintained.


Kashmir Point

Just one kilometer away from the Mall Road, the highest picnic place to visit in Murree is Kashmir point. You can also hike up towards Kashmir’s point. All the mountains of Murree can be seen from this point and it is also the reason for the name of this point. As day by day rush is increasing at the Mall Road, Kashmir Point is becoming more popular and attractive for tourists. Peoples, who like a bit calm environment, prefer to take their rooms at the Kashmir point instead of the Mall Road.

kashmir point


Pindi Point Chairlift

Pindi point is the resort place in Murree and on 15 minutes’ walk from Mall road Murree. This Point has restaurants and playgrounds for children. In Murree tour, you can enjoy chairlift at Pindi point. The chairlift is open from 9 am to 8 pm. From Pindi point, tourists can easily see the beautiful cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

From chairlift, you can enjoy the striking view of Murree. The distance of Pindi Point chairlift from Islamabad is 63.1 km and you can reach to Pindi Point chairlift from Islamabad in 1 hour 30 minutes. From Murree, you can reach to Pindi Point in 15minutes of the drive.

pindi chairleft



Patriata is located in New Murree. New Murree is about 15 kilometers away from the main Murree hills. It is an attraction for tourists. Patriata is famous for cable car and chairlift. From cable car chairlift, you enjoy the charming view. Murree to Patriata distance is 40 minutes of drive.

From Patriata, in 45 minutes you can reach to Ghora Gali. Horses are use for carriages in place of Ghora Gali. In 1 hour 30 minutes, you can reach to Ayubia from Patriata. Ayubia is the most popular places to visit in Murree.

places to visit in murree


New Murree

About 15 kilometers away from main Murree, a well-developed hill station is New Murree. Here are green trees and very charming and heart touching sceneries covered with mountains. The main attraction of places to visit in Murree is its modern and world-class chair lift and cable car system which move in-between New Murree and Patriata about 7 kilometers distance. Riding on cable car you can examine the most beautiful hills of Murree and Kashmir as well. At Patriata you can enjoy a lot of entertaining activities. For refreshments, there are a lot of food stalls with snacks and other delicious food items.


New Murree -places to visit in murree


Mall Road

The Mall road is a very long street in Murree, which has hundreds of small shops, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, and hotels. It offers something for everyone and there is absolutely no way that you can visit Murree without going to Mall Road.

mall road murree - Places to visit in murree


Sozo Park

The Sozo park offers a different alternative for family outings and provides several exciting options. It has an internal theme park, water rides, and even a haunted house. It is one of the largest parks of its kind in the whole of Pakistan.

sozo park



Dungagali is a small resort. Through a car, you can reach to Dungagali in 2 hours from Murree. The pipeline track in Dungagali is a very famous track for hikers and visitors. In the Dungagali tour, you should visit the pipeline track. It’s an easy track not very difficult. Amazing places to visit in Murree.




Murree is the easiest place to go on a trip for one day. The best thing is you don’t need to hire a tour guide in Murree trip. People of Murree are very friendly. Murree weather is very pleasant.


These are the best places to visit in Murree. Must visit your family, freinds, school friends or family members.