Trek to Ratti Gali Lake in Neelum Valley Kashmir

Ratti Gali Lake is most famous lake in the Neelum valley of Azad Kashmir. It is situated at above 3700 Meters from sea level. If you want to reach the lake, you have to take a dangerous jeep ride from Dowarian. You have required almost 2 hours to reach the base-camp from Dowarian. Further required 30-40 minutes to reach this lake. Dowarian is a famous town in Neelam Valley. You can reach the town via using local transport or in your private car. If you are using local transport, you have to take bus from Muzaffarabd city to Kel bazaar, it will take around 4-5 hours to reach Dowarian.

You can use your own transport to enjoy more places in Neelam valley. During driving your own car, you can see Dhani Waterfall, Kundal Shahi, Kutton Waterfall and Keran on the main road. When you will reach Dowarian there are plenty of jeeps available there towards Ratti Gali Lake. The driver of the jeep would charge 5000-6000 for visiting the lake. The base-camp distance is around 17 KM from Dowarian. You can see huge Glaciers and amazing natural scenes on the way to the lake.



Ratti Gali Distance From Islamabad

Ratti Gali Lake in Azad Kashmir is approximately 16-17 hours away from Islamabad. It mostly depends on the road condition. The best time to travel is day time. The whole lake is covered with dark red flowers and spread over the surrounding mountains. The red flowers increase the beauty of the lake. You can see Hawks and otters in this area. You can see plenty of waterfalls on the way to the lake.

Ratti Gali is one of the main tourist spot in Neelam Valley for enjoyment. This lake can be done on a 2-day trip if you are planning to visit. Visit this lake from May to November Because in the winter season because it is covered with snow. Download a Ratti Gali Lake map to visit.

Ratti Gali Lake Trek

The trek of this lake is very easy to explore. These treks contain full of greenery. Tourist will start trekking from Dowarian town towards base-camp. Complete trek is single and off-road. After reaching base-camp, trekking is left of the tour which takes between 30-40 minutes to reach the lake. If you are a trekking lover, you can visit Gattian Lake. Gattian Lake is located on the left side of the mountains and near to Ratti Gali. You can visit Hans Raj lake from base camp.