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Pakistan Tour Guide

The popularity of tourism in Pakistan has been increasing every year. It is due to the diversity in culture, amazing scenes, adventure, beautiful landscape, historical and ancient places more and more people are attracted to Pakistan. Minister of Pakistan in 2007 has arranged a program named “Visit Pakistan” its main objective was to promote the unique cultural heritage of Pakistan in a different part of the world. They organized different events like religious festivals, fairs, arranged different sports events and also open the different museums in different parts of the country just to promote the cultural heritage of Pakistan. Millions of Peoples, travelers and tourists from all over the world just came and visit these beautiful, historical places and museums to see the culture of Pakistan. Pakistan Tour Guide


Pakistan is located in the heart of the South Asian subcontinent; it is one of the earlier human settlements in the world. The Indus Valley civilization is the home of different cultures, civilizations, religions and many political Empires also pass through it. Due to this attractive heritage, many people like to visit Pakistan to see their different colors. Amazing adventures, different and large number of animals and their lives, historical monuments, and ruins, amazing and fascinating sceneries are just a few things to mention for the attraction of Pakistan.


Northern Pakistan shows the unique geographical feature of Pakistan. That is very unique in the world, having three very unique mountain ranges i.e Hidukash, Karakoram and Himalayas. These beautiful valleys and mountains attract a large number of visitors every year. One of the most attractive valleys that are located near Quetta is Ziarat valley in Balochistan. The second biggest forest, Juniper forest is the major source of lush green landscapes in the Ziarat valley. 

Traveling Guides For Tourists

Visiting Pakistan travel guides is very important especially for those who are from overseas because they did not know anything about the weather condition and best visiting places in Pakistan. So, travel guide companies will guide them completely in a better and effective way. Like in every region has it won the best time to visit like the weather is the major factor while deciding to go for traveling.


Northern areas of Pakistan

Northern areas of Pakistan like Murree, Kaghan, Naran, Nathia Gali, Abbottabad are best visited in the summer. Season like in the month of June, July, and August. During these months the weather is very pleasant there. There are clouds everywhere and one can enjoy the rain and a clear day both in the same months. While in winter like in December, January and February during these months. There is very heavy snow and roads are blocked so most of the people avoid visiting such places in these months but some adventurous people still like to go there to see and enjoy the snow falling beautiful scenes.

But in hilly areas, there is a great rush of tourists during the summer season. But some areas like Multan is the hottest area in Pakistan. So, in summer going there is a difficult one because of the scorching sun. It will perspire you and you may not enjoy anything there. The Grand Bazaar of Peshawar Bara market is the best bazaar for shopping; similarly, ajarak is famous in Karachi so, you will find the best one there.

Famous Places and Attraction

Multan is famous for Blue pottery and embroidered cloths. Hyderabad is famous for chorian (bangles) and Mahandi, sohan Halwa of Multan and Chappal kabab and kabli polao of Peshawar and sijhi of Balochistan, green tea (kehwa) of Peshawar are some of the special dishes of Pakistan.

 Similarly, jeeps and safaris are the best vehicles for trekking and hilly areas. Hiking, mountaineering, bird watching, wild boat hunting, camel and yak safaris, white water rafting, fishing are the popular tourist’s activities.