Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo 

Lahore Zoo Pakistan is the most attractive place, and one of the largest Zoo in South Asia, located in Lahore Mall Road, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1872 and started as a small aviary that was donated by Lal Mahundra Ram. It is currently handover to the Wildlife Parks department for the upgrades and improvement of the Zoo in a very professional way.


The Lahore city is always being the most visiting spot among unique kind of visitors, because it is having plenty of attractive features for all age, every spot which is occupied in Lahore city has their history and stories, its developed and maintained very nicely, that’s why, many families, students, tourists, visitors, love to come here and enjoy their vacations with their family and friends all along.

Lahore Zoo


Lahore Zoo had under the control of many different organizations that is also the main reason for its best improvements which has been seen clearly. Their staff members are very co-operatives, they have good take care of all the animals, species, all animals seem to look happy in their cages, because of the neatness occurred all the time in a very professional way.


Moreover, the whole zoo has uncountable unique kind of collections includes like 1381 Animals of 136 species, 996 Birds of 82 species, 49 Reptiles of 8 species and 336 Mammals, in fact, it has a very beautiful elephant name Suzy’s or Suzi, as people called it Suzy’s Zoo, it’s the main attractive feature among children’s, as well as youngsters. Thousands of visitors and travelers come from different places along with their kids to spend some moments and playing with the elephant without any fear.


Attractions of Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo around Attractive Facilities

Jumping Castle

Camel Riding

Elephant Riding

Horse Riding

Cafeteria and Aviary

Lahore Zoo is the best place to visit in Lahore for you and your family especially for kids.

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