Top famous Places to visit in Rawalpindi – Saddar Rawalpindi


Rawalpindi topically perceived as ‘Pindi’ arranged in the northern locale of Punjab territory comprising zone of 5,286 square kilometers. The District comprises of seven autonomous tehsil. This is base of a ton of ventures, fabricating plants and military focal base camp of Pakistan’s equipped administrations. This City is popular due to its moderate atmosphere with plenteous downpour incredible mountain pathways and rich valleys followed by Mountain Rivers. The occupants of Rawalpindi are amenable and very confirmed. Pindi is a city with extraordinary education rate in Pakistan. RawaT For, saddar rawalpindi, historical and famous places to visit in Rawalpindi.

Rawalpindi famous places to visit in Rawalpindi are following :


Rawat Fort

RAWAT Fort was worked by GAKKHARS, a wildly autonomous clan of the POTOHAR Plateau, in mid sixteenth century. The stronghold was the location of a fight between the GAKHAR boss Sultan SARANG KHAN and SHER SHAH SURI in 1546 AD. The grave of GAKKHAR Chief, Sultan SARANG Khan is situated inside the fortress. He kicked the bucket in 1546 AD battling against the powers of SHER SHAH SURI. His 16 children, who kicked the bucket there battling, are likewise covered inside the stronghold.

rawat fort - historical places to visit in rawalpindi


Pharwala FortĀ 

It was Pharwala stronghold Rawalpindi Pakistan, the last bastion of Gakhar where Muqarrab Khan in 1826, made his ineffective remain to secure 700 years of Gakhar Rule against the Sikhs. This was bound to happen since Mughals, the Masters of Gakhars, were on a decay by at that point.


Pharwala fort - best places to visit in rawalpindi


Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake is an artificial lake providing fresh water for people living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This Lake Village is located within the separate division of Malpur, Bani Gala and Margalla Hills National Park. This is the most beautiful tourist destination for visitors. Visitors can enjoy fishing, picnics and boats here.


rawal lake - beautiful places to visit in rawalpindi


Murree Brewery

Murree Brewery is the creator of Murree Beer, the sole beer trademark of West Pakistan. It’s a particularly prominent player in the alcoholic beverage market in Pakistan as a result of downloads as a final result of anti-alcoholism. The Murray Brewery was handled by Edward Dyer’s family unit. This Brewery gave birth to two construction blocks located in Rawalpindi, Punjab and Hutar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In 2007, Murray grew into the first brewery in the Islamic world to create a 20-year-old malt whiskey known as the most unusual malt whiskey. Still, Murray’s chief executive officer argued that “ninety percent of its buyers are Muslim”


Murree Brewery


Benazir Bhutto International Airport

Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Ha, Chaklala Rawalpindi Pakistan’s third largest airport in Pakistan. It was formerly known as “Islamabad International Airport” but on June 21, 2008, the Prime Minister of Pakistan renamed it “Benazir Bhutto International Airport” in memory of Quaid Benazir Bhutto. Representing an important airport for the capital, Pakistan, it often gives bonfires to officials and citizens of another country. The flight field is divided with the Pak Airways Ship and Link Squadron, which belongs to PAF Ground Noor Khan. There are many shops and restaurants in the airport for people who are waiting for their loved ones.


Shaheed Benzair Bhutto Airport


Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, an international cricket stadium is located on Double Road, Rawalpindi. Cricket is really an important sport in Pakistan and the importance of this stadium cannot be overlooked when going to Rawalpindi. This Cricket Stadium can accommodate about 25,000 spectators. The first match hosted by the stadium was played in 1993. The stadium has played several international matches through various teams. Cricket Games Stadium is located on the Nutrition Street in Rawalpindi. However, recently the stadium has been used for the final match of the domestic wicket between Karachi Dolphins and Peshawar.


rawalpindi Cricket stadium


Ayub Park

Ayub National Park is a magnificent parkland in Rawalpindi. At this place, there is a river, hills, a zoo with many beautiful birds and numerous wildlife in the vast area of the park. The park not only provides the atmosphere around the tank but also offers many entertaining attractions for everyone. This is a great place to enjoy the family. For self-recreation, it is also possible to sail the lake service at a cheap price. The park offers slides, swings and many other fun places for kids.


 ayub park


Jinnah Park

Jinnah ParkĀ  which is situated near the Jail Road , is a wonderful park with a lot of attractions for people of all ages, from one place to the other. Apart from this, the park also has a map of Pepasalis, McDonald’s dealership, Diva restaurant and CinePex exhibition located in the center of Rawalpindi. Jinnah Park, a large food chain, shops, eating house and many extra activity shops, is seeing this place with cookies. Jinnah Park has a dedicated playground, lawn, natural fountains, flower beds and watches that cross the boundary wall. Would love to go to this public property.


jinah park



After maintaining a lot of architecture from the British era, there are two churches when one is located in Rawalpindi. Cathedral near Presentation Convent School in Llancourt, this place has a nice garden and a beautiful view. The other church is the Evangelical Church on Mall Road.


Churches - places to visit in rawalpindi


Saddar Bazaar

Saddar Bazaar, located in Cantt Area, Rawalpindi, is the most preferred shopping destination. It is located near Merrier Square where you will be able to find large shopping centers and reasonable costs for intermediate and elite groups. Everyone buys the market at a low price President Bazar is Rawalpindi’s most flexible, advanced and well-accessible market. It is connected to the main route on one side, the city center on the other, and the train station on the third. The President’s Bazaar has a number of trusted monitoring centers, banking companies, children’s entertainment homes and one of two entertainment destinations for young people.


Sadar bazar


These are the famous places to visit in Rawalpindi, so those who visit this beautiful city for the first time will find much to enjoy and would definitely like to visit Pakistan, this wonderful city of hospitality and welcome.