Trek To Izmis Lake

Izmis Lake located in Swat District, and situated toward the south-west of Utror valley at a high elevation of 11500 feet over the tree line. Izmis lake reflects the images of the surrounding mountains reflecting the image like a mirror. The trek to the lake is full of lush green forests and unbelievable meadows. Which mesmerize the tourist by its insane natural beauty.


In Kohistani language the name Izmis means caves and as the lake is enclosed by several natural caves. Native people have named the lake after these caves. This stunning Izmis lake is located at a high altitude above the tree line to the North-East of Utror valley. A small jeep-able link road from the beautiful Utror valley heads towards the location of the lake which concludes in a valley called Loypanrghalay. Izmis Lake can be reached from here after traveling for nearly two hours. The trail wanders among rambling and lavish green floor coverings of grass secured with blossoms. The grazing cows, lambs, and goats make the scenes more appealing and beautiful.


A small village called Kalam Banda is located on these wonderful highlands where the grazers greet everyone in their unique rustic way. The grazers who go to the fields mostly belong to Utror valley.


The signs of technological advancement can be seen here as the grazers have developed a Hydro Power Plant to avail the water and electricity at these great heights. The lake can be reached in one hour from this blissful place.


The Lake is surrounded by high mountains blanketed with fresh green grasses and herbaceous plants that pull several grazers from the fields in summer. The eastern and western fronts of the Izmis lake are unguarded with wide discards at the two closures. Small stone and earthen structures have been built on the outskirts of the lake which provides temporary residence during summers. It also works like a watershed for a miniature stream which combines with River Swat in Utror.


The watershed sections of the lake have changed to peat-land/marshes and are an attractive feeding spot for the seasonal birds as well as local birds and animals. According to the grazers several species of aquatic birds visits the area and feed in the marshes but the local poachers pose a serious threat to the survival of these endangered species of birds as they frequently visit the area and ruthlessly hunt-down these birds.

Izmis is a huge lake with shallow depth and little water. Most of the water which fills the lake comes from the neighboring glaciers and small springs. Izmis lake shows clear indications of ecological deterioration which if not timely handled will result in the extinction of this valuable source of fresh drinking and irrigation water; and will ruin an essential temporary and necessary residing ground for the seasonal birds. The lake requires earnest attention from environmentalists due to the natural and man-made threats; otherwise, this important lake will turn into a fragment in the everlasting annals of history.