Top Famous and Historical Places in Gujranwala


Gujranwala is a industrial city in Gujranwala District in the territory of Punjab in Pakistan. Its is 226 meters (744 ft) above ocean level and is the seventh-most-crowded of the Pakistani metropolitan zones. While you are in Gujranwala city. There are top famous and historical places in Gujranwala.

Ranjeet Singh Haveli

Its the origination of a well known Sikh Emperor ”Maharaja Ranjeet Singh”which ruled the northwest Indian subcontinent in the early 50% of the nineteenth century. This structure is approximately 236 Years Old Situated in Corner of Machli Mandi. Because of absence of government intrigue the structure is in poor conditions.

Ranjeet Singh Haveli

Darziyan Vali Kothi

Arranged on College Road,this building is known for its excellent designer and nobody realize who assemble it, yet when you are crossing school street I should state this miracle pulls in you towards itself.

Darziyan di kothi - historical places in Gujranwala

Toomri Temple Gujranwala

Gujranwala is an old city, thus it has a lot of legacy locales historical places in Gujranwala to visit. Toomri Temple is one of those spots. This is a mandir of Baba Sai Das who was a symbol of master Vishnu. Before parcel individuals use to sort out huge social fairs here and the spot holds incredible centrality in Hindu folklore.

toomri Temple Gujranwala - historical places in gujranwala

Lahori Gate

Its fundamentally the passageway to most seasoned bazaars of the city , the commercial centers gives you a bit of old city that was worked by Ranjeet Singh, number of shops are available there generally hardware, garments’ , ceramics.

lahori gate

Ghanta Ghar

Arranged in the core of city, among the horde of thousand of peeps this notable clock tower is available ,amidst business center you can observer its excellence.

Ghanta Ghar - historical places in Gujranwala

Sheranwala Bagh

The city of Goga Phelwan, the all India-Pakistan wrestling expert , has an instructional hub (Akhaaara) in the Sherawala Bagh after that number of various Akhaaaras are available here , Gujranwala is known for its Phelwans , on the off chance that you are in Gujrawala you dont wana miss the well known akharaa battles. Its including Gujranwala famous places list.

Sheranwala Bagh


Same is the situation with Gujranwala. With urban areas like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad eclipsing, urban communities like Gujranwala are not on the highest priority on the rundown for any individual who is definitely not an inhabitant of the city. Where this a drawback for the city. The Gujranwala is sheltered from the majority of the mechanical exercises and contamination. That appear to have assumed control over the huge urban communities. The normal excellence stays safe and has a particular appeal that one needs to encounter.