Top Most Craziest and Famous Places To Visit in Karachi – Port Grand Karachi


Karachi is one of the wealthiest urban areas in Pakistan and is otherwise called “the city of lights”. There is a great deal of import and passage from Karachi. Karachi has its own shorelines. It was capital of Pakistan yet later on Islamabad wound up capital of Pakistan. Karachi, which was at one time the antiquated humble home Sindhi fishers, is by and by a roaring urban economy that supports the country with its immense seaports. Persistently ready for action, the roads of Karachi are a cacophony of distinctive vehicles, excited people and the overpowering imperatives of its step by step hustle. There are famous places to visit in Karachi like Grand Port, Quaid e Azam Tomb, cafe in Karachi and restaurants in karachi.

Top Famous Places To visit in Karachi are Following :

Quaid-e-Azam Tomb (Mazar-e-Quaid)

This white marble tomb is particularly striking a result of its minimized designing. It was functioned as a milestone to the coordinator of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. It is directly a champion among the most outstanding places to visit in Karachi, especially with those expecting to offer their respects to Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


quaid e azam tomb


Masjid e Tooba

Masjid e Tooba generally called Mosque or Gol Masjid was worked in Defense Housing Authority in 1969. Likewise, it is known as the greatest single vault mosque on earth and the 18thlargest mosque with the point of confinement of 5000 people in the hall. This mosque is magnificent and has eye getting system. The vault has an estimation of 70 meters and has no central sections.


masjid tooba


Mohatta Palace

If you ever happen to move over the new flyover close Abdullah Shah Qazi Mazar you will see the amazing red bricked vaults of Mohatta Palace. Mohatta Palace is a gem in Karachi. Likewise, it’s nothing unforeseen that back when Fatima Ali Jinnah was abiding in the regal habitation she would acknowledge qawali nighttimes held at the consecrated spot from the housetop best of Mohatta Palace.


mohatta palace


Do Darya

It’s a champion among the most astounding and one of its benevolent sustenance street in Pakistan. Do Darya is a flat out need a places to visit in Karachi. An entire sustenance street along the Arabian Sea.


do darya - port grand karachi


Frere Hall

It’s a champion among the most standard places to visit in Karachi because of its basic spot in the city’s history. It furthermore incorporates different stone busts, including one of King Edward VII, and some oil masterpieces.


frere hall - places to visit in karachi


Port Grand Karachi

Port Grand Karachi is list in Karachi famous places. It is a recreational complex near the Karachi Port. The port grand Karachi opened in 2011 and it’s absolutely an irrefutable prerequisite spot to visit in Karachi. The chief striking part of Port Grand is the glorious structure.


 Port Grand - best places to visit in karachi


Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Museum

This especially provided display corridor has more than 30 planes on display and is a good spot to go in Karachi to see the country’s military may (disregarding it is to some degree poor military record).


PAF - port grand karachi


Dolmen Mall Clifton

When you are scanning for good bistros, or lovely restaurants, or some spot where youngsters can have a huge amount of fun, or if you need a spot that has all of the brands under one housetop, or if you essentially need to go out for predictable looking for sustenance, etc and Dolmen Mall Clifton has it.


dolmen mall - port grand karachi


National Museum of Pakistan

This significant presentation corridor gets mixed reviews yet is a useful spot to visit to take in progressively about Pakistan’s wild history. There’s a particularly respectable “Open door Movement” show which contains news segments, records, and photographs from the Independence advancement. Diverse presentations join Islamic Art, Ancient Coins and a Quran Gallery with 300 copies of the Holy Book.


National Museum of Pakistan - places to visit in karachi


Sea View

Karachi is the primary port city of Pakistan, and it has without a doubt the most wonderful shorelines in Asia. Recently, the lawmaking body put a couple of undertakings to restore and keep up the shorelines. Regardless of the way that there are various shorelines in Karachi, like Hawks bay, French shoreline, Paradise point, Turtle shoreline, Sea see is essentially in the center and easily accessible.


sea view


Karachi Zoo

It has an astounding lake for Swans, Ducks, Crocodiles, and Alligators.


karachi zoo - places to visit in karachi


Devils Point

Talking about incredible nourishment. Devils point choices offered are awesome and it serves a combination of cooking styles, for instance, Delicious Bar B.Q, Continental, Italian, Chinese, Seafood, and Pakistani.


Devils Point - places to visit in karachi



It is an outstandingly noticeable outing spot in Karachi as a result of its long sandy shorelines




Must Visit Karachi before you die.