Top Tourist Attraction and Hotels in Shogran Valley

Shogran Valley

The Shogran Valley in the northern part of Pakistan’s Naran Kaghan Valley is an interesting adventure of the winter Kagan Valley. , Surrounded by dense pine forests at an elevation of about 78,800 feet. This street looks amazing in summer when the iceberg melts and cold water flows from the mountains. It gives a slight pleasure to people who like to be there on time. Many peaks can be observed in the Shogran Valley, such as Makra Peak, Musa Masala Peak and Malika Parbat (Queen of the Mountains).


shogran valley


How can we get there?

Shogran is accessible from Islamabad via Mansehra, Balakot and Kiwi. It is not far from the city, and you can plan the best weekend trip to this place. The maximum travel time it can take is around 7.5 – 8 hours provided you do not stop on the way which is unlikely in a luxury trip; so here is the hint,

  • Distance from islamabad – Balakot (4.5 hours): You can stop for 20 minutes for tea and watching
  • Balakot Kiwai (about 3 3 hours): At Kiwi you can have breakfast near the stream of cold water.
  • Kiwai (about 40-50 minutes): Now it is difficult and brave because the condition of the road is not good and besides it is dangerous with difficult lines. Only jeeps are recommended as a safe mode of transportation.
  • Shogran – Sri Pay (30 minutes by jeep trek, 2 hours trekking


how to get shogran

Things To Do

Well, when you’re at a mountain station, it’s all about decorating your eyes with breathtaking views. Don’t forget that the word Sri Pae is combined with the two words “Sri” and “Pay” which means “lake” and “high grazing field”. But there are some things you can do to make the perfect memory.


  • Horse riding is available in both places, both inside the valley and at Sri Paya.
  • There are shops where you can buy gifts and traditional hats and other outfits.
  • Surprisingly, there are also some sports stores where you can buy board games such as ludo or solitaire cards if you are with your friends and family.
  • If you are traveling alone, I would highly recommend you to take a good book or something from your hobby to avoid boredom.
  • BBQs and bone fires with soft music are a must when you’re in a place like Sugar. Never miss it!
  • There are many hotels and dhabas on Sri Pay where you can get Pakistani food like pasore, bhota, french fries, and even complete meals like chicken krahi, dal rice and biryani. They’re just as expensive as everything else, but you can’t help it when you have a stomach ache.
  • Yes, to my surprise I got a swing at Sripay, but not for free; they charged.
  • If you want to climb Makra Peak, leave early in the morning as the weather can be tricky at any time.



Best Time to Visit

You can step into this wonderful view at any time during the summer months (June-August), or late spring and early autumn. Unexpected rains keep the weather cool and pleasant in summer. In winter the valley is covered with snow and it is closed for tourism so you can hardly find any hotel open for visitors.


There are many residences here to welcome and provide shelter to visitors to Shogran, such as

Arcadian Sprucewoods Luxury Resort

Cedar Woods Resort

Green Land Motel

Lalazar Hotel

Hill Top Hotel

Kanloop Hotel and Cottage


Tips of Travelling :

  • As always, there are some factors you should consider when planning a leisurely trip to save yourself the hassle of arranging closing moments.
  • Keep warm because both Sugar and Sree Pay experience dramatic changes in the weather and it is usually cool.
  • Also carry an umbrella. You can’t believe if the sky is clear because there are cloud moods and they can surprise you anytime
  • If you are traveling lightly, keep enough money as things are at least 20% more expensive than normal. Your cards will not be useful, as it is only cash that has been accepted.
  • Keep basic toilets with you for a budget-friendly trip. Otherwise you will have to buy at a higher price
  • If you have already booked a hotel, and you plan to “relax first” or “refresh first”, then try not to get there around checkout times, ie at 12:00 pm otherwise You have to wait until the room. Survived and clean. In that case, always check with the hotel management and plan your departure and stopover accordingly.