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Pakistan is a country of natural and vast dams, each dam has more adventure than the other. The most beautiful dams in Pakistan are Rawal Dam, Tarbela Dam and Khanpur Dam. Pakistan’s best and most beautiful dam, Khanpur Dam is a kind of it. It attracts viewers because of its beauty and its passionate look. It is not just a dam but a reservoir that supplies drinking water to Pakistan’s twin cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad). This is one of the requirements that provides water for irrigation in the surrounding areas as well as in other nearby cities. Read More about khanpur lake map, khanpur dam resort, khanpur dam activities etc


Khanpur Dam lives in the Haro River near the village of Khanpur, hence the name of the village. The construction of the dams was completed in 15 years by the 1980s at a cost of about Rs. 1400 million. The dam is approximately 170 by 170 feet (55 m) high and can store 110,000 acre feet or 140,000,000 cubic meters of water. Surrounding Khanpur Lake are fragrant flowers, gardens and deserted paths covered with flowering trees.


Khanpur Dam is located 50 km from Islamabad, 20 minutes from Taxila Bypass on GT Road and one hour from Islamabad. As Taxila starts moving towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) on Haripur Road, we see the place of this adventure. You can fine Khanpur lake map on google.


khanpur lake map


Khanpur Dam Festival

Khanpur Dam hosts a spring carnival every year. The Khanpur Dam festival attracts many tourists from Pakistan and around the world.

It is a three-day Khanpur Dam Festival that attracts thousands of tourists and people from different parts of the country. Water sports include: motorbike ride, sailing boat, and boat ride. Individuals are attracted to folk dances, ancient horse dances of the geographical region, and drums and pipes.

Other attractions of Khanpur Dam Pageant include Balloon Rides, Magic Shows, Puppet Shows, Air Sail Planning, Para Jumping, Horse Riding, Art Dictile Riding, Happiness Land for Youth, Paraboat, Motorcycle Sailing, and Alternative Facilities. Includes specially placed. To strengthen the festivals.

How to reach Khanpur Lake:

The lake is 48 km from Islamabad. It is a 15-minute drive from Taxila Bypass on GT Road and about an hour’s drive from Islamabad, and a two-and-a-half-hour drive from KPK to reach Khanpur Lake.

Charm of it

It’s a great place for family, young people, group friends and couples. Everyone can visit this place and never forget.


  • Fishing and boating
  • Underwater swimming
  • Adventurous water sports
  • Skiing and angling
  • Spelunking and night caving
  • Rock climbing and cliff diving.

Type:  Attraction, Activities, Park

Preference: Family, Travel, Outdoors

Timings: Dawn till Dusk

Parking Area: Yes

Transport Options: Taxi or by own car

Boats: Not Available

  1.  families: Yes
  2.  Lodging: Yes
  3. Groups: Yes

Drinking Water Available: Yes

Best time to visit:

June to October. Summer is the best time to hit the heat

Water Sports Activities:

Cliff Diving, Paragliding, Snorkeling, Jet Ski, Boating, Parasailing,

Best Hotels & Resorts:

Orange Resort, Mabali Resort

Road Condition:

Carpeted Road throughout the journey. Any type of vehicle easily can go through.

Price of Water Sports Activities:

Fly Board: Price: Rs. 6600 for half an hour

Jet Ski: Price: Rs. 6600 for half an hour

Parasailing: Price: Rs. 2500 for 10 mins

Paragliding: Price: Rs. 3500 for 10 mins

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