Neelum Valley Tour | Ratti Gali Lake | Must See when Trip to Neelum valley

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is a standout amongst the most appealing spots in the Tourist Community. It is a 200 KM bow formed region of Azad Kashmir. Excellent Valley of Neelum is 20 Km far from Capital Muzaffarabad. This valley is outstanding for its magnificence and some value seeing spots. Presently in the event that we talk about the Weather of Neelum Valley, so climate in Neelum valley tour is exceptionally charming in summers. In any case, very freezy in winters. Upper Neelum, kel valley, Ratti Gali Lake tour these are the consistently a great many voyagers hurry to investigate Neelum Valley. Must see this amazing and stunning views when you are trip to Neelum Valley.

The following is the List of Top 10 Places To Visit in Neelum Valley with Details

Keran and Upper Neelum :

Keran and Upper Neelum which is at a separation of around 91 Km. Likewise, 3 Hours Drive from Azad Kashmir Muzaffarabad. In addition, 7 Hours Drive from Capital city Islamabad. Keran and Upper Neelum are on the correct bank of the Fast streaming River Neelum which is at 1524m above ocean level.


 Keran & Upper Neelum


Arrang Kel

Our rundown proceeds and now its Arang Kel. The Beautiful Arang Kel is arranged at the slope top close Kel. It is around 1500 feet climb from River Neelum. It is a town which is brimming with excellent views worth seeing.It is a bit of most extreme excellence which may draw in any one who is a partial to investigating.


Arang kel


Tao Butt

Presently going to another popular spot which is Tao butt. Tao Butt is the last and principal station. This spot is loaded with treats and comforts. Nature plays here with incredible environment.Tao Butt is well known for the Blue Water and Greeny Forests.


tao butt



Presently going to another value seeing spot in Valley and that is Kel. Kel is a little valley arranged at a stature of 2097m. This is another beautiful place in the Neelum. Spend your get-aways by making a Trip to Neelum Valley to see the magnificence.




Kutton Jagran Resort

Indeed Last yet not least Kutton or Jagran Valley and its related spots which are truly awesome.The wonders of Kutton are inside the sweep of 10 kilometers, makes Jagran Valley.The zone is 16 kilometers from Kundal Shahi.


Kutton Jagran Resort


Dhani Noseri Waterfall

Our rundown of  valley places not yet finished. Now discussing Dhani Waterfall. This Famous Waterfall is around 30 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad. It is a standout amongst the most Beautiful cascades with 15 meters fall.


Dhani Noseri Waterfall - near ratti gali lake


Ratti Gali Lake

I trust you have some information about the Ratti Gali Lake tour. On the off chance that not, at that point we are here to Guide you. Ratti Gali Lake is 18 kilometers from Dowarian lake.The Red blossoms and green fields all around increment the magnificence.


Ratti Gali Lake tour - neelum valley tour


Neelum Valley Sharda

Sharda exceptionally less individuals think about. In any case, I wager subsequent to seeing this wonderful Valley you will always remember the Tour to Neelum. Renowned and Beautiful Sharda is tehsil central command of Neelum District.


Neelum Valley tour Sharda


Chitta Khatta Lake

Presently we’ll discuss the Chitta Khatta Lake.There are numerous lakes here. Chitta Khatta is known as the white waters lake.


Chitta Khatta Lake - Ratti Gali Lake


This is the most beautiful Valley in Pakistan that you must visit. This is heaven on earth.