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Most likely, Skardu is the heaven for trekkers. The twirling waterway of Indus and Braldu encompasses the entire of Skardu Valley. The atmosphere is so flighty on account of high height. It begins to snowfall even in mid-July. On in spite of this, an opportunity to visit in May to September. Shangrila Resort Skardu is amazing hotel in skardu. Skardu fort, shigar fort, deosai, akhplu valley satpara lake, sheosar lake etc are amazing places to visit in Skardu.

Top 10 Places in Skardu :

Skrdu Fort

Investigate a secret while investigating the Skardu Valley. The Skardu Fort is one of the most old posts that dated back to the eighth century. The fortress likewise has an old mosquethat going back to the entry of Islam in the sixteenth century. The fantastic Skardu Fort is a seven-story building and affable for the visitor due to its history and workmanship.


Skardu Fort - shangrila resort skardu


Shigar Fort

Following up is the Shigar Fort in Skardu Valley that is a glorious bit of design in the middle of the massive fields of Shigar. The virus sand of Shigar desert is a marvel in itself. Additionally, in Shigar Fort is the most visited spot in Skardu as it’s a piece of history.


Shigar Fort - places to visit in skardu - shangrila resort skardu



The Skardu Tour can never be finished without visiting the monstrous fields of Deosai. The place that is known for Giants;Deosai occupant of Brown bears in its National Park. Traveler find total serenity in this locale of Skardu as the fields have an ear-breaking quietness that one can tune in to his very own pulse.


DEOSAI - Beautiful places to visit in skardu


Khaplu Valley

Second on the rundown is the Khaplu Valley which has charming beautiful places. A thrilling street with various trees concealed the voyagers giving a value seeing perspective. Most importantly, jeep ride adds more wind to your excursion.

 Khaplu Valley - amazing places to visit in skardu


Basho Valley

The valley offers lovely climate even in sweltering summers. Additionally, in light of huge green fields and stream, the site is viewed as the best for outdoors, climbing. Around evening time, the valley twofold in its awe as the climate gets cold and tourist can observer a huge number of stars directly over their head.


Basho Valley


Kachura Lake

Skardu is honored with various stunning lakes that do magic on the guest. In this specific circumstance, the upper Kachura Lake is the most stunning lake in Skardu. The lake is circled by thick profound backwoods and tremendous piles of Himalayans in the setting.


Kachura Lake


Shangrila Lake

The red cabin bungalows encompass the Shangri la Lake otherwise called the upper Kachura Lake. It is nearly at the rise of 2499m. The lake is a couple of kilometers from the lower Kachura Lake and catches visitor in view of its colossal excellence. This lake have a amazing resort which is called shangrila Resort Skardu.


shangrila Lake - shangrila resort skardu



Satpara Lake

Another stunning spot to visit in Skardu is the Satpara Lake that is raised at 8650 ft. over the ocean level. The liquefying ice of the Deosai fields are the primary wellspring of water for the lake and the lake spread over 2.5km. There is a fantasy pleasant island in the focal point of the lake.


Satpara Lake


Sheosar Lake

While investigating the huge fields of Deosai, you will experience the hypnotizing pool of Sheosar Lake in the middle of the fields. The world most noteworthy lake is of its own sort with a rise of 13,589 ft over the ocean level.



Sheosar Lake


Katpana Lake

Recorded in a portion of the unexplored spots of Skardu, the Katpana Lake is picking up prominence in view of its charming excellence. The lake falls in wonderland Katpana town. Also, it is roughly 4km far from the principle city Skardu.


Katpana Lake - places to visit in skardu


These are the Top absolute necessity places to visit in Skardu.