Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China Border): Why, When And How

You will find lots of things and hundreds of articles on the Khunjerab Pass (also known as the Pak-China border) all over the internet that describe its location and personal experiences. But what I am going to share is not only my own experience and the beauty of this place but I will also highlight the important points and reasons why you should visit this famous Pak-China border.


Yes, when you look at this border in pictures, it gives you a wide and charming view of a movie. Your excitement begins as you walk down the carpeted road. The long Karakoram Highway passes through tunnels between the mountains and ends at the gates of division between China and Pakistan. When you are driving up close, the speed automatically decreases as you perfume your eyes with the beautiful scenery of the mountains.


Reasons why you should Visit Pak-China Border


  • It offers a great long haul for road travel lovers. And it’s not just about traveling on some unknown roads and crossing unknown areas, but you enjoy the natural beauty of nature that it offers you along the way.


  • It is the highest border crossing in the world and the highest point of the Karakoram Highway, located at an altitude of 15,528 feet above sea level. So yes, it can be another feather or another feat in your hat if you are a travel enthusiast and like to go to unique places in the world.


  • Protected by the Guardians of Nature, this border is not just a gateway between two countries on plain land. It is surrounded by the huge Karakoram Mountains, which are prone to snowfall, especially in winter. Unlike any other border, Khunjerab Pass is a meeting place.


  • Khunjerab National Park is another attraction just a few kilometers from the border. It was built entirely to protect the wildlife of the Himalayan region. It is home to the Marco Polo Sheep, the Snow Leopard and the Himalayan Abacus.



When and How to Go there?  

You can visit this place from April to November. Roads are closed to tourists from December to April due to snow, rain and landslides. You can go in early December to experience the snowfall.


Routes to take

Through Besham

 The journey from Islamabad to Gilgit takes 18 to 20 hours. This route is the only option when the Babusar Top closes (usually after the first snowfall)

Through Babusar Top

The journey from Islamabad to Gilgit takes 14-15 hours.

It also takes 6 to 7 hours from Gilgit to Khanjrab Pass. It is recommended to take a day trip from Hunza.



What could be fun at Khunjerab Pass?


This is a tourist attraction. However, you can involve yourself in some good activities.


1: Domestic Yak Riding:  Yes, you can find a recreational spot at the top of the KH between green pastures and sky peaks.


2: Amazing Photography:  Landscaping is not amazing where you can click on nice pictures for memories


3: Across the border:  You can definitely see the Chinese moving to the other side of the border. Sometimes, you can even find them on your own. It’s great to see foreigners like us sharing the same joy.


Racing 4: This is a good floor for racing in which I won a race with a friend.


Things to Remember when traveling to Pak-China Border


  1. There is always wind and it is almost frozen in the months of November and December. So, carry a windbreaker / jacket so you don’t feel cold, especially if you’re visiting in mid-September – early December.


  1. The good news is, you can find an ATM machine there, but the bad news is that you need money to buy it (there used to be a mobile phone food van that is there until 2018, but not now).


  1. If you want to use a public toilet, take cash with you as it is charged for its maintenance.


  1. Just one hour is enough to spend there. See during the day, before sunset you can click on nice pictures and get back in time

My Experience

It’s a good memory that I keep remembering to refresh my mind. This is not a place you like to visit again and again but yes, traveling at different times of the year makes sense. This is because the canvas is covered in different colors as temperatures rise and fall in the region. I still carry the heat and cold of this place with me, and only a month apart. This place gives the peacock a sense of free seat in the vastness of nature, which has to run very far in any direction with the wide spread of its wings to become the focal point of the wave.


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