History of Attabad Lake Hunza – Useful Tips When visit the Disaster Lake

Attabad Lake

The Attabad could be a town in Gilgit Baltistan region about 114 kilometres off from Gilgit city via KKH in Northern Pakistan. Attabad is found at an altitude of 8,398 feet (above from sea level) and is legendary as home of Lake. The Lake has become one in all the most important tourist attractions in Gilgit Baltistan because of its unique blue water and dramatic mountain backdrop. The Attabad lake history is wonderful and amazing. The lake offers activities like boating, jet skiing, fishing and other recreational activities.

During winter, the lake is frozen whereas, in summer, its teal blue color gives a eye-catching view for travelers. The blue shade of Lake is so clean and clear that it clearly shows reflection of the sky within the water. because of its expansive nature, one cannot view the lake completely standing at one point.

Popular myths surround the formation of several geographical landmarks in Pakistan. The lake at Katasraj, Choa Saidan Shah in Punjab, is claimed to possess formed from the teardrop of Lord Shiva mourning the death of his wife Satti. However, was born of less romantic circumstances.


Attabad Lake History

Attabad Lake  history is amazing. This Lake was created in January 2010 as a results of Attabad disaster. The lake was formed because of massive landslide in Attabad village on January 4, 2010. The landslide killed twenty people and blocked the way of Hunza river for five months and inundated 19 kilometres of the Karakoram Highway. The lake reached 21 kilometres long and over 100 meters exhaustive by the primary week of June 2010 when it began flowing over the landslide dam, completely submerging lower Shishkat and partly flooding Gulmit. Water level continued to rise on June 18,2010 caused by a difference within the outflow and inflow of a replacement lake.

After the completion of Attabad tunnels, tourists can last a non-stop journey to the highest of Khunjerab. Since the lake was formed the sole means of crossing was by loading vehicles onto wooden boats. In 2015, the Chinese built a replacement road tunnel that opened in September 2015.


Attabad Tunnels Part of Karakoram Highway was submerged because of this landslide. On September 14,2015 former Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif performed inauguration of realigned 24km patch of KKH containing five tunnels at Attabad Barrier Lake. The five tunnels, together 7 kilometres long are part of 24km KKH, which was damaged in 2010. The realignment restored the road link network China and Pakistan and is anticipated to significantly increase economic integration between these two nations.


When and How to go there?

The best time to visit that spot is Summers (June – Mid September) or early Autumn. Since there would be no day off you can have the benefit of contacting through the transmitting water.

Well once you are in Hunza, you can make a night remain at Rakaposhi similarly as we (me and the movement gathering) did. Since Rakaposhi itself offers you stunning perspectives, particularly in the event that you are remaining at Rakaposhi see point lodging. From that point Lake is situated at the separation of generally 39km. You can just take a course on Karakoram expressway that runs along the lake and the passages. Make the most of your ride on the covered street while the excellence in blue anticipates you.

Know Before You Go

This Lake is about half an hour east of Karimabad. This is the capital of the Hunza District in the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. Karimabad incidentally was named one of the five “Best Tourist Sites” in Pakistan by The Guardian). On the off chance that you show up autonomously. You can organize stumbles on the lake with neighborhood guides or in Karimabad. Most pontoon trips will in general last at any rate 60 minutes. Then again, you can sort out five-day visits from Islamabad, which regularly incorporate the Hunza Valley, and the Pakistan-China outskirt locale.


Tips while you plan your visit

Since it’s a huge open spot without any shades or guest plans. You should deal with the followings before you set out for your undertakings at Lake.


  • Convey a decent sunblock/hostile to UAV salve/shower
  • Take a T-Cap or Umbrella for a similar explanation
  • Keep your water bottle along, you can top off from the lake. The water is drinkable
  • Put a few snacks in your sack, since there is only a little dhabba there that offers a couple of things and at the twofold costs.
  • Keep your money along. There is No ATM.