Manchar Jheel | Manchar Lake Situated in Dadu | Location of lake

Manchar Lake

In Dadu district of Sindh the largest freshwater Lake is Manchar Lake. It is also called Manchar jheel. Manchar Lake situated in the west of the Indus River in Sindh. This is the largest lake in Pakistan as well as in the world. With the season the area of this lake is vary from as little as 350 sq km to as large as 520 sq km. It is gather water from many other small streams in the Kirthar Mountain and pour it into Indus River.


In 1930s Manchar Lake ( Manchar Kheel ) was made when on Indus River Sukkur Barrage was build. It is one of the largest lakes in Asia. Two canals Danister Canal and Aral Wah Canal from Indus River fed up this lake. This lake supported large number of fisherfolk who depend on the fish they caught in the fresh water of the lake. Due to some factor this lake is undergoing many deprivations due to which the water life fishes are killing off and motivating fisherfolks to move somewhere else for employment. But it is famous because it is the largest lake in the world. Large number of people is residing Manchar Lake situated in near the Bank. It is like a small village that is developed here. People also come there to caught fishes and enjoy them at the bank.

In recent years, thousands of fishermen have left Manchar for lack of a decent livelihood, but a few still live on their wooden boats. It is possible to take a tour on the lake by motor boat (about 500 rupees). In the village, you can also observe the meticulous work of the fishermen who carve their boats.


Manchar Lake ( Manchar Jheel ) is in danger in Pakistan. Similarly, there are native fishermen who inhabit the area and the lake. The lake’s water quality is declining due to a shortage of fresh water and a shortage of both….