Khyber Pass Peshawar – Ancient Place in Peshawar

Khyber Pass Peshawar

In Pakistan, there are many several points which have been built in different cities of Pakistan. These points beside, are useful for the city but also present a beautiful scenery of the area. As a result, they caused to highly attract the attentions of visitors from Pakistan and also from all over the world. Khyber Pass is one of the famous places of Pakistan. Khyber Pass is a narrow mountain valley about 50km long. At this side of the pass, is the famous Peshawar city and at the other end, is the frontier post of Turkham. This pass is also used to go through Afghanistan and beyond.

Khyber Pass has been famous spot in the history for thousands of years. The Aryans, Mongols, Tartars crossed this pass nearly 4000 years ago and entered Pakistan. Sultan Mehmood Gaznavi crossed the Pass 17 times to attack south asia.

The Khyber Pass had been a famous trade routine the past. Formerly, camels’ caravan passed through it. They brought fruits, skins, mirrors, and furs from there for India and for the east countries. The camel’s caravans are replaced by trains and trucks. These are the fast mean of transportation. It is still a busy trade route as it was ever before.

The brave tribesman lives in the mountain of the KPass. They are the defenders of North West frontier Pakistan.

Landi kotal is the highest place along the Pass. From Landi kotal, the road goes down winding through the beautiful scenery towards Turkham.

As they stood looking at the hills, they thought of the brave soldiers of Mahmood, Babur and Abdali along this beautiful pass.

Different families live in the beautiful valley of Khyber Pass. They made their houses there and they have vast plain region to grow vegetables, fruits, dry fruits or whatever they can.