Clifton Beach Karachi – Amazing Sea View, Hotels and beach Park

Karachi is that the foremost distinguished coastal town of country. The beach lovers here have many opportunities to travel to totally different beaches of the ocean. Out of all the alternatives, Clifton Beach holds the foremost essential price among all for giving fun seekers and beach lovers some glorious leisure and recreational opportunities. The Clifton Beach is additionally alternately called ocean read. Basically could also be a distinguished and thus the busiest spot of the beach wherever. You’ll see such an outsizes amount of people at any time of the day and night. Some return from beach sports/ activities, some return for cool breeze, some must possess a walk on the coast whereas some return for thus several different recreational activities in Clifton beach park and hotels that embody food at the best. Peoples come and enjoy the sea view  with family and take pictures for memory.


The Beach within the 20 th century was rated amongst the foremost standard. The prime silver sand beaches of the world. In 2003 the beach got ruined with oil spill from a ship that resulted it into a no go space for a few weeks.



The beach is found within the neighborhoods of the Saddar city that’s that the center. The Sea view flats simply across the beach could also be a gated district that’s rated amongst the best properties within the town. Owning Associate in Nursing flat during this space are some things which each Karachiite needs however it’s a awfully pricey venture that creates it an possibility only for the elite. Moreover, several different flats and villas is seen on the Clifton beach coasts that have gotten well-liked within the identical approach because the Sea view flats. The Darakhshan Villas is another similar housing theme having the eyes of the numerous folks probing for their dream accommodation within the town.


Beach Attractions

The beach has several attractions for tourists which has families and folks of all ages and every genders. There’s a close-by commons that has all the fun rides that you just just will ever see during a high voltage commons. Individuals on the beach fancy the ungulate rides and horse rides etc. That’s incredibly abundant cheap and reasonable for the middle category. Only within the near past, the tri-bikes are becoming the new buzz within the Clifton Beach space that pulls plenty of children to fancy this superb vehicle at the beach. The tri-bikes could also be reserved on hourly rates that’s that the foremost economical manner of fancy this ride.


Another recent attraction additional to the realm is that the new made Cineplex Cinema that’s that the hot-spot for the residents of Clifton and Defense Housing Authority (DHA) area. All the national and international pics ar staged here for the movie buffs. The cinema has been expedited with organize of state of the art facilities and kind of different entertainments yet.


The beach is sweet for picnics wherever you have got got plenty of liberty to do and do your own cookery. Otherwise you will eat readymade food out of the boxes. On weekends, public holidays or on any major competition. It should be terribly exhausting to hunt out a quiet and lonely spot on the beach. If you’re peace lover then the foremost effective time to fancy on the beach is to return on any weekday. Once the beach may be a smaller amount jam-pawncked and peaceful.


The floodlights

The Clifton Beach for the tourists incorporates a lot of assorted flavors. It’s a special feel throughout the day that utterly overturns at the dark. When you see the sun-setting on the West, flood lights comes on which supplies AN thrilling result to the whole space. The flood lights brighten up the beach and you’ll have a read quite such a lot on the beach. The Seagulls at the beach square measure a treat to look at below the spectacular flood lights.


Food Street

The Clifton Beach is growing in leaps and bounds and thus the authorities square measure utilizing the on the market. If you go far down on the right facet of the Sea view purpose then you’ll see nearly 100 fine-dine restaurants straight in an exceedingly line. They’re spacious and typically have wood material in their construction. That provide Karachiites and each one different guests a awfully completely different and a never-before skilled feeling.

The food offered in these restaurants is Chinese and Continental. However the foremost specialty but is that the traditional Pakistani food things. Moreover, food is additionally a specialty and lots of significantly those who square measure hard-boiled with typical Pakistani recipes. The beach restaurants here square measure growing in no time. Once monthly or 2, you’ll see one or two lots of restaurants adscititious to the list. The restaurants square measure terribly busy throughout weekends and different public holidays. The restaurants will create reservations over the phone thus it’s extremely suggested to book in your home before visiting.


The Clifton Beach is that the most fantastic thing about town that should be maintained and preserved so as that. The long term generations will profit within the identical manner because the gift generation. There square measure some serious problems with erosion within the close residences because of the excessive wet.