Trek To Karomber Lake – News and Attraction of Lake

Karomber Lake

The amazingly blue beautiful lake karomber lake is located just close to the border Pakistan where it meets up with Wakhan. In Pakistan this lake is the highest lake and in the world it is the 10th highest lake.  This is a very large lake and this track is not known to the locals. When you trek on this track you will meet with many of the foreigners and this is also the reason that not as many tours are arranged to the Pamir- Wakhan. It is also said by most of the hikers that this is the best track among all the other tracks and people like to done this track again and again. Everyone needs to gather enough information about this trek then go for this trek.


Sea level this lake is the only lake in the world that is located at an altitude of the 14,000 ft. This lake still have biological bodies in it. The water in this lake does not only come from the melting of the snow in the surrounding area. But there are many other springs that feed this lake. The beautiful lake Karomber joins the border’s region of Chitral with Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan. This lake is about 4300 km above the sea level. This is one of the highest lakes in the world and there are no words to explain its beauty. At the end of the summer season the reddish wild flowers looks very awesome. This lake is itself about 3 km long.  

What makes it beautiful?

The lake is surrounded by  high and awesome Pamir mountains with long fresh green colored green grass. There are animals wandering in the mountains which makes it breath taking and beautiful.


This is the 31st biggest lake of the world.