Trek To Dudipatsar Lake in Kaghan Valley – Road Trips Map and Location

Dudipatsar Lake

Kaghan Valley of Pakistan is most beautiful and adventure in offering a host of natural scenes which captivate human eyes and hearts. Dudipatsar Lake is one of those eye-catching sights the stunning beauty of which takes the breaths. Dudipatsar Lake or Dudipat Lake is one of the most beautiful lake surrounded by snow covered peaks. Dudi is located in the extreme north of Kaghan Valley, and from the chief town of Naran it is about four hours of drive. The road is not accessible for cars, not even jeeps. At certain point visitors have to walk or trek to reach to the lake. Its water is very cold and is in greenish blue in color. The trek is surrounded by alpine meadows and gives very fascinating look


This lake is very close to the lake Lalusar which is the major contributor of the Kunhar Lake and runs through the Kaghan valley. At some distance from the lake there is babusar top or the babusar Pass. That is the end of 150km of the kaghan Valley. Dudi means white and sar mean alke. Due to the white color of its water this name is given to this lake.


The water is reflects like a mirror in summer, there is a very tough hike and this lake cannot be accessed very easily. After tough hiking and trekking it will take almost four to six to reach this lake. In summer large number of visitors comes to see just the beautiful scene. When water of the lake reflects like a mirror. From Besal this lake is about six to seven hours of walking distance. Half of this trek is climbing on a clear path. Then it opens into a wide and flat pasture land.


Depth and Best Time to Visit

Dudipatsar lake the blue deep is at 3800 meters. It is encircled by green hills at about 4800 meters and snow capped peaks in the shady hollows. Very little people come to visit this lake but still its beauty is protected, there are a new tourism spot and also the old ones. The most appropriate time to visit this lake is to visit it in July and September. .