Hanna Lake – How To Get and Stay Safe in Hanna Jheel

Hanna Lake

The Hanna lake ( Hanna Jheel ) is found somewhat shy of where the Urak Valley starts and 14 km from Quetta. The store was built during the British Colonial period in 1894, and is one of the primary attractions in the city. It offers the all encompassing perspectives on the area. It additionally includes a cafe that is secured with the pine trees.The best time to visit of Hanna Lake the month of May to September.


Brilliant fish in the Hanna Lake ( Hanna Jheel ) come swimming right up to the edge of the lake. There is a lakeside café with outdoor tables concealed by pine trees. Toward one side, the water system dam emerges from the profundities like bastions of a stronghold, and on the eastern part the Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (HDWSA) the main paddling, kayaking, kayaking and cruising preparing focus in Balochistan Province.


See & Do

The mix of the sandy dark colored slopes out of sight of the lake and the greenish blue water in the lake gives affluent complexity to observe the excellence of nature.

The lake is likewise advanced with brilliant fishes regularly visit the edges. There are additionally high pine trees encompassing all around the lake. Sailing at the lake will give you interesting minutes in the lake; there is likewise a little island in the center.

Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy was initiated in 1986, where paddling, paddling, kayaking, cruising, swimming and drifting preparing is given. The foundation was named after Hayatullah Khan Durrani, an eminent for surrendering and Mountaineering Adventure in the region.


Get In

From Quetta street, there is 6.6 km to arrive at the Hanna Lake with around a drive of 20 min. For open vehicle, Public wagon administration works from city bus stop to the Lake. Further, you may likewise contract a vehicle through the PTDC data work area in the city.


Stay Safe

While drifting, guarantee that the vessel isn’t over-burden as on July 6, 1990, 40 individuals have passed on and 8 harmed after an over-burden pontoon upset.