Kandol Lake ( Kandol Jheel) – Most Beautiful Attraction in Swat

Kandol Lake

The green valley of Swat is very rich with beautiful and precious resorts and different beautiful tracks of nature; everyone needs a break and want solace from the busy and never ending struggle of life. For this purpose to be relaxed and enjoy the life and also wants to have some calm then northern areas are the best places for it. Swat is one of them. In Swat there are many beautiful places but “Kandol Lake” ( kandol jheel ) is one of the most beautiful places to visit in swat and is included in the beautiful jheels of the world.  It is one of those places where expert of nature has put some extra efforts and time to paint it; it is located in the north of “Utror Valley”.


How to Get There

One can get access there from Klam through Utror. This road leads to the green valley called “Ladu” in the foothills of the lake. You can also hire a jeep to reduce the journey and will take 1.5 hours a trek to Ladu from Utror and hiking will take almost 2 hours to ladu. You can also take a guide from Kalam who can guide you toward “Kandol jheel”. In Ladu you can buy only cold drinks and biscuits and after Ladu you cannot find anything. A camp at the side of lake and can fully enjoy the mysterious peace of the lake.


It’s a very beautiful hiking journey to this beautiful lake of ladu. It is an adventure you have the chance to walk through beautiful and romantic valley. Also shows you some mysteries, some of the people take short term residency, plow and harvest turnips and potatoes and they are well-known all over the country for their striking taste. For refreshment there is also a small hut from where you can enjoy tea and something for eating. It takes almost four hours to reach to this lake from ladu. Around the lake the mountains are covered with pine trees and tall cedar and are ambled with different torrents and streams. The people of skardu valley are very friendly and help you if you want them; the local people take your bags if you paid them well.