Leepa Valley Kashmir – Location, Architecture and Beautiful places

Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley is the loveliest to make anyone spellbound. The water in its lakes is crystal clear. Nullah Qazi is the most famous water resource here. There lies a mini Kashmir in Leepa Valley. The yellow Chinnar trees appear as someone has set the valley on fire.


Leepa Valley is 1921 meters above sea level. A metalled road goes to Leepa from Nailey located at a distance of 45 KM from Muzaffarabad. Leepa is a small village 60 Kilometers from Nailey. This whole area together with Kashmiri houses presents a very fascinating aura. Its honey, walnuts, Cheery, and apple are very famous.


The Climate

Imagine crunchy yellow leaves spread all over the land and you are walking on them in the midst of cool breeze with fascinating scenes of cottages. No, it is not a movie scene. It is for real. Such a scene can be witnessed in Leepa valley during autumn.

In the start of autumn, Leepa can be seen in very unique red, yellow and green color. It the most beautiful time for sightseeing.

In winters, there is extremely heavy snowfall which makes Leepa valley fully coveted and cut off from remaining Azad Kashmir.

The tapestry

The unique chirping birds, orchards filled with fruits, alpine meadows and grazing herds presents an unforgettable tapestry. The high walnut trees add a cherry on the top of the cake.

The walkways are filled with crumbling leaves presenting a momentous magnitude of autumn. The whole skyline is wide russet, yellow, green and red showing a very mesmerizing scene.

Kashmiri Architecture

Leepa is different from other places due to its cottages built in Kashmiri architecture. The cottages found in leepa are a three-storeyed wooden building which is rarely found anywhere else.


Famous Villages

This valley has many famous spots among which some of its villages are very famous including:


It is a small village located 60 KM from Nailey at an altitude of 1921 meters. Its lush green rice fields are very famous and are in great demand.


leepa village - leepa valley

Dao Khan

Dao Khan is best known for its scenic beauty and exotic atmosphere. It is 75 KM away from Muzaffarabad. The roads to Dao khan are unpaved and well known for its high altitude.


dao khan


Bungus Valley

Bungus Valley is the hidden beauty of Kashmir lying at an altitude of 10,000 ft above the sea level. This is very near to the LOC of India-Pakistan. Only locals are allowed to explore their marvelous beauty.


Bungus Valley - leepa valley



Chananian is 62 KM away from Naily, opposite to valley. It is situated at an altitude of 2226 meters. Chananian is a beautiful place with thick pine trees and Qazi Naag. You have to book a jeep to go to Chananian.



Other Attractions

There are some other worth seeing places in  Valley like:

  • Karnah valley
  • Shams Bari range Hills.
  • Sad Pura.
  • Nokot.


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