Mohanjo Daro – Hisrtory and Civilizatio of Historical Place

Mohanjo Daro

Mohanjo Daro is an old historical place in Pakistan and people go there just to know the history, mostly schools and colleges arrange study trips for their students to give them the knowledge of their country. They give them a chance to practically know what they study in their books. Many statues of old times has been found there, which are placed in the Mohanjo Daro museum, one of them the most famous is “the dancing girl” and the other most famous statue at Mohanjo Daro museum is the statue of “Priest King” although there is no evidence found that this there was a king, queen or some other royalty in this city. It is the thought that Mahonajo Daro people lived in a very rich and beautiful society.

Other artifacts that have been found in Mohanjo Daro are lapis, ivory. Carnelian and also some gold beads and also different statues, pottery that were used in their time, old buildings, from which we came to know their living style and also come to know about the life of that time how they construct their buildings, streets and also come to know about the occupation of the people of that time.


History of Mohanjo Daro

In the ancient Indus Valley Civilization Mohenjo Daro is a historical and magnificent site. In Sindh Mohenjo Daro which also decodes “Mount of dead” it was constructed in 2600 BC. People in Mohanjo Daro lived on earth at the time of Ancient Egyptian. Mohanjo Daro has a very old history and has a historical importance in Pakistan history.



This city is very attractive and charming at their time into the beauty of Indus Valley civilization. The whole city is constructed with a great plan buildings are constructed in a very organized way. Almost all of the buildings were constructed from brick and fire mortar along with wooden and sun dried structure. There are large number of public buildings like public bath and market place. Some other famous and important buildings that must not be missed to mention here are the popular Buddhist Stupa and famous well. It is estimated that at the height of its time Mohenjo Daro was house of almost 35,000 residents.

mohenjo daro



It is a treat to look at the artifacts of Mohenjo Daro, in the Mohenjo Daro museum there are great number of different things, one of the most famous thing that is found there is the statue named as “the dancing girl”. Mortimer Wheeler a British archaeologist describes this statue as his favorite one. He gave the description of this statue as.


She is a Balochi girl, style face and having pouting lips with insolent look in her eyes, I think she is almost fifteen or sixteen years old, she is standing with bangles in her arm to the upper portion and nothing else. She is a perfect girl for the moment to have a great confidence of her and the world. I think there is no one like her in the world.

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