Ansoo Lake Kaghan Valley – Weather, History and Trek

Ansoo Lake

Ansoo Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan and also in the world. It is a high-elevated lake located in the Kaghan Valley, of Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located near Malika Parbat Mountain of Himalayas at an altitude of 16,493 feet and is considered as one of the highest lakes of Himalayas. The name of the lake comes from its teardrop-like shape. The word “Ansoo” is an Urdu word which means tear. Most of the time of the year the lake is frozen and melts only from July to August. The best time to visit to trek and the mesmerizing beauty of the lake is from July 10 to August 15. The same period is recommended for trek. Must visit when you go to Naran Kaghan.

The lake is said to have been discovered by Pakistan Air Force in 1993 when the pilots were flying very low. Before its discovery by Pakistan Air Force, it was not known even to the locals. A team from Peshawar was dispatched in 2010 to discover the area and help promote tourism in the area. This team discovered and mapped down various possible routes to the lake.

How To Reach

There are two different routes to reach there, one is Saif ul Malook Lake and the second one is Mahandri village.

From Saif ul Malook :

From Saif ul Malook that is short and steeper, this track takes almost more than 8 hours. This track is covered with snow most of the time. The best time to set off for this Lake is 6 a.m in the morning. The most appropriate time is to go on this track is from 10 July to 15 August. You can also hire horses for the track with their guides from Saif ul Malook that takes you to the Lake; it will charge your 1000- 1500 PKR for horse and 1000 extra for the guide in the present time (2011).

This path is also divided into two parts one and the first half are toward Lake Saif ul Malook, a valley by the side of the river. And it leads high to the Malika Parbat, and the other half is steeper than start for Malika Parbat camp and ended with Ansoo Lake. This part is mountain climbing. It is a tough journey but still has its own charm and a good adventure.


Ansoo Lake trek


From Mahandri village

The second track to Ansoo Lake is starting from a Mahandri village, and it is 40 km south to Naran village, and it passes through Kach Gali and Manoor Gali. This track takes almost 12 hours tracking of at least three days and you have to travel a lot through the valley. It is a good chance to camp in the jungle, top of the mountain and also along the rivers and in abandon towns. Ansoo Lake was discovered in 2001 and it is very beautiful that people happily covered the 8 hours tough and a dangerous track just to see the beauty of this beautiful Lake. In the center is has ice and on the side, there is water which increases the beauty and charm of this Lake and gives it a human eye shape.


ansoo lake




Best Time and Preparations For Trek:
  • If you need to camp somewhere due to bad weather conditions such as snowfall, heavy rain or landslides, bring tents and sleeping bags and food with you.
  • Hire a guide and horses for the trek. (It can be arranged from Lake Saif al-Muluk).
  • Keep plenty of food with you. It’s best to have sandwiches or burgers to eat because you don’t have to buy any crockery for them.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, warm clothes and a raincoat especially for rain and snow. Warning for trackers
  • Avoid trekking on Tear Lake in bad weather. Wait for the fair days as it is said that one needs to be lucky to see Lake Ansu. Because sometimes when you reach the lake after hours of hard trek. The lake is not visible due to fog or rain.
  • Diabetics and people should avoid traveling to the lake with respiratory problems


No one knows if this is a fact or a myth, but this story attracts a lot of viewers. Are you attracted too I bet you are. So visit this beautiful lake to honor the love with your loved ones.