Banjosa Lake Rawalakot – Activities, Images, Hotels and Resort

Banjosa Lake

The artificial, cool, very beautiful lake, today and in the past is a center of attraction for the tourists. It is approximately 20 kilometer from the city of Rawalakot in district Poonch Azad Kashmir. The altitude of the lake is 1,981 meters (6,499 ft). The weather in the area remains cool in summers, and cold in winter. This is small man made land because of its beautiful and amazing views. Fabulous garden is very famous tourist spot with lively trees, colorful flowers, hotels and resort. Everyone can reach here very easily because the road that leads to lake is very smooth, from Rawalpindi it takes 2-3 hours of drive. From Rawalpindi via Kahota you will get to Rawalakot. On the way there are many beautiful natural views and the roads are very well maintained.


banjosa lake


Banjosa Lake has beautiful mountain on the sides and lush green garden abundant with flowers and trees. This is a very beautiful small lake. Authorities kept it very well and visitors love it, the dense forests in the surroundings of the lake offer a very attractive view. In close proximity there are many other picnic spots like jandali 3 kilometers, Hussain Kot 4 kilometers and Devi gali 12 kilometers from this lake. Every point is so charming that nobody wants to miss it; there are different nice motels to stay when you are enjoying these beautiful spots.


banjosa lake


Places and Hotels

All these places reflect the rich natural beauty waiting for the visitors to come and see these beautiful natural scenes. On the way from Rawalakot to Banjosa there are very few rest houses and resort will provide you the full accommodation. Make your trip a memorable one, it is an amazing experience of exploring the beautiful scenes of nature. On the lake side there is a very beautiful resort which gives you all the facilities of refreshment and staying there.