Haleji Lake Karachi – Haleji Lake Rest House and Map

Haleji Lake Karachi

For winter Haleji lake Karachi is a best refuge and the house of thousands of birds and considered as one of the most essential, wintering area of waterfall migratory in Eurasia. Hakeji Lake is located at a distance of 88 km from Karachi. It is an outdoor attraction for human and a sanctuary for birds. It is salt water Lake if formed by seasonal water. For troops that were stationed at Karachi additional water need during the World War II, a bank was constructed around this lake and water was drained out and these embankment was fed by the fresh water via canal. We discus about haleji lake map, haleji lake rest house and haleji lake wildlife sanctuary in this article.

Along with Handero lake and then whisper to the Keenjhar lake, they all create a very complicate waterfall habitat. This compound is now house to dabblers, divers, deep water feeders and also fresh brackish water lovers. All of them find the fresh water and salt mix a very beautiful place to refresh their requirements and moods. This is also the best place for the guest birds that comes from other colder areas. Haleji lake rest house are available for the travelers and tourists.


The Lake is about 12 miles; it covers an area of 6.58 sq miles and is the largest water reservoir and this lake has a maximum depth of 17 feet. There are shady trees all around. There are Lotus, Typha, Phragmites and Hydrilla cover all around the lake and are in beautiful colors. Out of the lakes are rocky crops these are the homes of large number of residential and migratory waterfall. One of them is named as Cormorant Island and the other one named as Pelican Island. On these islands large number of different birds can be seen enjoying the sun and resting on these islands. Evening is the best time they all come home; you will also found marsh crocodiles there.


Haleji Lake Map :

haleji lake map



Location Name:  Haleji Lake

Region : Asia Pacific

Country: Pakistan

Area: Sindh

Longitude: 67.7667

Latitude: 24.7833


This kale is the best paradise for watching birds; on this lake about 223 different species have been seen there.