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How to Apply For Passport in Pakistan – Types of passport in Pakistan

Here you know to know about the different types of passport in Pakistan, how to get online, fee and duration of Passport.

There are three types of passport in Pakistan:-


Ordinary passport is also called Green Passport which can be acquired by all citizens of Pakistan.


Diplomatic Passports are issued to the personnel working in Embassies and consulate of Pakistan in foreign countries.


Representatives of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and parliamentarians, Senators, Minister, Supreme Court and High Court Judges can get such passports.


You need to following  essential documents required with applications for different types of passport in Pakistan

  • Bank receipt of remittances
  • Original CNIC or MICOP
  • Two attested copies of CNIC or NICOP
  • Old passport in case of Renewal of passports.
  • NOC ( in case of government employees)
  • In case of foreign passport and dual nationality attested copies.

Types of passport in Pakistan


  • Bank Receipt of remittances
  • CRC ( Computerized Registration Certificate ) issued by NADRA
  • Two copies of NADRA form B.
  • Copies of parents CNICs
  • In case of foreign passport and dual nationality attested copies.


  1. It is very simple to apply for passport in Pakistan.
  2. Visit the designated branch of the National Bank of Pakistan for deposition of required passport fee.
  3. Report at Reception Counter for Customer Service of passport office in Karachi.
  4. One officer will take your picture and give a token to you.
  5. After announcement of your token number, visit the relevant counter where your finger prints and data will be taken.
  6. Ensure and check DATA entry in this counter, check, affix signature or amend if needed.
  7. Here your details will be check with Exit Control List (ECL), Black List (BL) in government record.
  8.  On announcement of your token number, please appear before the Assistant Director for interview. You will be give token for passport collection with date.
  9. Visit the Dispatch Counter of Passport office on the given date along with original CNIC and token. Some passport offices also given you the facilities of dispatch of new passport at your residential address when you have paid for the transport charges previously.

The procedure for renewal of passport is similar to the application of acquisition of new passport.



In case of loss of passport you have to the visit the nearest Police Station and lodge an F I R about loss of passport. Then you have to pay the requisite Passport Fee in designated National Bank of Pakistan.

  1. In case of loss of passport abroad, one has to go the office of Embassy or Mission of Pakistan abroad and report the loss so that you can get the Emergency Passport from there.
  2. Case of loss of Passport in Pakistan for the third time then his application will be send to the Directorate General Immigration and Passport Islamabad for verification.
  3. In the meantime if you wish to apply for NADRA Family Registration Certificate or want to get NICOP there our compact guidelines will help you anyway.

Before closing this chapter it is affirmed that all the above information have been taken the official website of the Department of Immigration and Passport in Karachi.

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