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Getting Online Driving License in Pakistan

Getting driving license by the traditional method is very difficult. You will stand in a long queue for your turn. Show your documents and review your driving license after ready. But when digital revolution takes place than situation is easy. Many system has been updated by which getting license is easy for citizens. Now you can submit application for driving license easily in Pakistan. This blog will help you to inform yourself about online system.

So without wasting anytime let’s begin!

Obtaining a driving license in Pakistan

Online system makes easy to submit application for driving license in Pakistan. But if you don’t know about procedure so we are here for help you. Now look, how to apply for driving license in the big cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.


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How to apply and check your driving license online in Karachi

Getting driving license in Karachi you must visit office and get a token number. To avoid a long queue you can visit DLS website and get a token number online. If you get a token number online so you can avoid rush. Applicant will be visit branch office with their original identity card.

Once you registered, you will be fill a form and then medical test from which officer that you are eligible or not. You will get the help from the online system and download the application form from website.  Plus, you can visit driving license Sindh website for confirmation of your driving license.

Even you can download the app of driving license Sindh authority by which people are eligible many important authorities using their smartphones, including license verification, inquiry of application, validity of license, information about driving theory test, and all the information about license centers in Sindh. Applicant of driving license would be update and alert by SMS service.

How to apply a check online driving license in Islamabad

For getting driving license in Islamabad you will be visit to Traffic police office with these documents. Remember, for getting permanent driving license in Islamabad every driver must complete probation period (6 weeks).

  • Original CNIC (you permanent or temporary address should be Islamabad)
  • Photocopies of CNIC
  • You ensure that present the registered medical Practitioner, medical fitness certificate or form which is downloaded from ITP website. You will attach a passport size picture.

Follow these guidelines and confirm you driving license online.

  • On the website of Islamabad traffic police a tab near the section of confirmation of driving license. Click on it.
  • Kindly you have the original driving license during the confirmation
  • Fill all the information carefully
  • Don’t put the dates by auto type method please put it manually from calendar
  • If any error in online system try again after one hour
  • All questions handle during the working hours (Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
  • If you submit the application on Saturday or Sunday so working will be start on next working day.

How to apply and check online driving license in Lahore

If you are the citizen of Lahore so follow these steps for getting a driving license.

Visit the website of DLIMS (driving license information management system). Check the documents before you going driving license center. For submit the application and get a Lerner permission you must have 18 years.

Documents for Lerner’s license

  • One photocopy of National identity card
  • Rs.60 ticket form any post office
  • Get a code book of rules and regulations of traffic from the traffic police office
  • Medical practitioner certificate

Required documents for permanent driving license is given below

  • Documents for permanent license
  • Lerner certificate (6 weeks)
  • Application form (Available on DLIMS)
  • Medical certificate
  • Three 3 latest attested passport size pictures
  • One attested photocopy of Original identity card
  • Attach post ticket on license documents
  • Fees for a permanent driving license


driving license in pakistan

Driving test fees for a motorcycle is PKR 50 while for validation of 5 years fees is PKR 500. Total fees of a permanent license fees is PKR 550.

Car driving fees is little expensive I mean PKR 150 is driving fees while 750 for the validation of 5 years. Which means total fees for a driving license is PKR 900.

Previously, the partnership of Punjab information technology and Police officers of Rawalpindi are working on the basis of CNIC and bank deposit slip but now digital driving system has been announced. From this initiative people will get their driving license without standing in long queue and on time.

You can track your driving license in DLIMS website with the help of CNIC without dashes when you use delivery service and track your parcel. If you can’t informed exact location but know that your parcel is ready for delivery or not.

You can download application of DLIMS from Play Store.

Track your driving license when you click on track button, your results show on the screen within the seconds.

Check status of validation and testing online even check your CNIC information by clicking information button after enter capctha code. You can see your driving license issuing date and you will also find that your driving license is correct or not and expiry date. By following these steps you will use online driving license system.