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Electricity Bill Calculator – Calculate Electricity Bill Online

Check your WAPDA Electricity Bill Calculator Online in Pakistan. Now Calculate Electricity Bill Online , Iesco bill calculator, gepco bill calculator, mepco bill calculator, pesco bill calculator, hesco bill calculator and all electricity companies of Pakistan.


MEPCO Bill Calculator is used to calculate unit consumption of the customers which is used instantly. Our website offer the bill calculation services to the customers.  You can also calculate pries of the other services offered by the MEPCO by following the following guidelines:-

  • Find MEPCO from the list of distributing companies. Click on the bill calculation.
  • Next page opens
  • Select communication way out of the listed options.
  • Select 2nd option
  • Enter number of units.
  • Then add number of TV sets present in the working place.
  • If you like then click the excise duty exemption option and Income Tax option so that your bill do not include these taxes.
  • Insert figures in meter rent and meter fare boxes
  • Then three options appear on screen
  • First option is for calculation of bill.
  • 2nd option refreshes the page by deleting the previous entries.
  • 3rd option is for going back to the page so click according to your needs.


Electricity Bill Calculator - iesco bill calculator



This website offer multiple services to the customers. But the central one is the MEPCO bill calculation. It calculates the charges monthly. FESCO distribute electricity in the Faisalabad area charges for the services rendered to the customers. We can calculate units consumed and the charges to be levied. Just have some information and upon applying get the estimation of charges. The requisite information include rent charges, meter fare, number of units consumed, number of electric appliances and taxes and duties applicable in the area.


Calculate Electricity Bill Online



LESCO means Lahore Electric Supply Company. Calculate electricity bill online, this is one of the distribution company that supplies electricity to the Lahore area. It supplies electricity and get charges for the services rendered thereof.

Before you get the monthly electricity bill at your door step you can calculate the proximate bill for the current month by visiting this website.  This website help in calculating the monthly charges beforehand.  The plus point of this indicator is that it gives the information whether the excise duty and taxes are applicable or otherwise.  It also depends on the number of TVs functional in your building.  Here you are and get the services of calculating monthly bill for electricity easily.


Offers of WAPDA online electricity bill services to the customers that lives in and around Islamabad.  On this website the customers can get timely calculation of their iesco bill calculator for an early depositon to the requisite account and get rid of additional charges. Just fill in the hard format provided on the screen and the website calculates / prepares bill for you.



Tribal Electric Supply Company provided and maintains electric current to the Tribal districts. It offers services and get charges for the services rendered. Some times one can face problems or he may be required to compare the consumption of units with other months and for that purpose this website is the golden place of service. Kindly act on the following guidelines if you wish to acquire services of iesco bill calculator website for your ease.



Calculate Electricity bill online of Gujranwala Electric Power Company  is known as GEPCO which is responsible for supplyof electricity to the Gujranwala areas in the Punjab Province. Our website offers you the services by which you can check the monthly consumption of electricity and find the number of units thus consumed. Website gives the calculations of units and the charges accrued thereof.  All you need is to collect the requisite information like connection charges, multiple TV sets,  units consumed,  and taxable services including rent of meter. By filling these parameters the website make it a total bill for deposition into relevant bank accounts.



Quetta Electric Supply Company is known as QUESCO. Our website offer calculation of services charges through a package. Do you know that QUESCO bill calculator can be used as PEMRA billing services. If  you wish to adjust your budget or visit the expenditure details then calculator can be used. Then querry will give you the exact calculation and regarding GST, excise duty etc.



Our website offer all the services. But customers of Peshawar Electric Supply Company offer customers in Peshawar Area. This website offers the expected monthly consumption and bill thereof. The customer can easily find an estimate of their monthly electricity usage with the help of our bill calculator. Using this calculator you will get the amount of electricity including all other tariffs. The benefit of this calculator is that you can calculate your current month bill in advance and spend the days without stressing about the surprised bill.  For the bill calculator to work accurately, it requires some important data. Fill up the required data and you will get your estimated bill in a few seconds. The bill calculator calculates on the basis of units consumed and the current cost per unit.



HESCO provides electricity services for the people of haider abad. And this website is the online bill calculator for the consumers of HESCO electricity. This website estimates the bill on the basis of the customer’s electricity usage. It can calculate one moth charges and lists all other tariffs as well. Our website provides a lot of services besides the online bill calculator.  You can check your current bill and upcoming bill by going to the bill calculator page. Bill charges depends upon a few factors such as connection, passage, consumed units of electricity, and other services.


Our website is focused for the ease of the people of sukkur and for that purpose it ensures supply of electricity to the customers and at the end of the month provide electronic billing services for remittances.  This website provided SEPCO bill calculator services to the customers. Here you can estimate the expenditure before it is printed and dispatched at your address by the company.  This service can be used when the customers has got some previous informations to enter into the website given boxes.  He must know about his type of connection which can be domestic or commercial.

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