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How to Apply for Islamabad Driving License - Dlims islamabad
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How to Apply for Online Islamabad Driving License – Dlims islamabad

Are you need to apply for Islamabad Driving License ? You must know the following things before going into such search. At first you apply for Learner Permit. Which is issued through ITP Islamabad Traffic Police. All applicants of permanent driving license are required to have 6 weeks training and Learner Permit beforehand. Do you know that How to Dlims Islamabad or international driving license Islamabad verification or Islamabad driving licence online check ?


Like other driving license offices in Pakistan here at Driving License office Islamabad there is always a great rush. So ensure an early visit to such office because it may take many hours to meet the officials. Before visit you may require to collect the following documents. ITP gets almost 500 to 600 applications daily for driving licenses and it issues those. Almost 150 persons daily visit ITP office Islamabad.

In 2006 this ITP office was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shoukat Aziz. Thence it is controlling the ITP Capital Traffic system evenly. It only issues driving licenses to those citizens who have permanent addresses of Islamabad in their CNICs.

Those belonging to other districts may require stamp paper affidavit that they live in Islamabad and are employed by the firms working in Islamabad territory. All such employees who have their company Identity Cards can apply for such license. All firms having sub offices or branches in Islamabad can testify their employees employed in Islamabad region for issue of Dlims Islamabad.

Now look at the following compulsory procedure while getting international driving license Islamabad.


  • Original CNIC depicting your residential address of the Islamabad Territory.
  • Photocopy of your CNIC.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate can be download from ITP official website. This form is fill by the Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Attach a passport size photograph to this medical certificate.


islamabad driving license



  • The applicant has to visit Islamabad Traffic Police personally. The office is in F-8 Islamabad. Ensure bearing of medical fitness certificate with you.
  • Park your vehicle in Gali No. 32. Go to Reception counter besides the parking are and show your CNIC and get your Token No. for QMS
  • Wait for your turn in the hall. Your number will be show on the counter. Then you have to go the counter along with documents.
  • When your data is entered then you are issued with Learner’s Permit. Then you will attend a class of one hour in connection with acquaintance of traffic rules in Islamabad.
  • At the end of the class the Instructor will mark the Stamp Duty and sign on reverse of the token given to you.
  • After 42 days the recipient will visit again the Islamabad Traffic Police office for completing driving test. All students need to required to bring vehicles with them on the day of the test.



After completion of the ITP signal test and Driving test the international driving license Islamabad will be issued to the customer for 05 years. The procedure is as follows:-

  • After 42 days of getting Learner’s License the applicant has to visit ITP Islamabad office again.
  • Original CNIC and Learner’s Permit must be bring with you. At the Reception Counter besides the Parking Area be visited and show your CNIC and get token.
  • Please wait for your turn in the hall. The officer will insert your bio-data in the computer system and take bio-metric analysis.
  • Get your test form and keep your CNIC and learner’s permit copies with you.
  • All applicants desirous of tough screen test will have to go the relevant room for subject test.


  • The applicants can have theory test through touch screen for which the time limits is 4 minutes.
  • Applicant will have to answer 10 questions
  • If your score 70% or attempt 7/10 then you are qualified.
  • The applicants can pass theory test by hand also.
  • All the qualified contestants will have to pass the Road Test in the Traffic Theme Park
  • When you qualify the driving test then you have to go to Licensing Inspector office to deposit the documents.
  • Here will be issue a License Number. You get schedule for next visit for issue of License.
  • You get your Islamabad driving licence from the Dispatch Counter of ITP office.
  • Such applicants have to pay charges and additional duty in the National Bank of Pakistan designated branches In Islamabad.
Dlims islamabad
Dlims islamabad



From January 2019 citizens of the Capital City of Islamabad can get their Islamabad driving licence in a day after paying nominal charges. He further elaborated that the Government is pacing forward to digitalis all the government departments in the Federal Capital of Islamabad for instant issuance of such licenses.

The Minister also thanked the INL International Narcotics & Law Enforcement Affairs machine which ensures issuance of such license in one day. He reiterated reform and means for an early action on this issue. So that all citizens can get benefit from such technological advancements.