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Online Vehicle Verification Punjab & Registration - MTMIS lahore Punjab
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Online Vehicle Verification Punjab & Registration – MTMIS Lahore Punjab

Buying a second-hand car in co9uld be a financial or social decision. But if you are careless then you may be prey to heavy taxes or lose your leg in a traumatic fatal accident. It is better not to fall prey to forgery and treachery. Therefore first try to investigate the real owner of the vehicle. For vehicle verification of the owner, the procedure is different in all areas of Pakistan. However now we discuss the online vehicle verification Punjab, Punjab vehicle registration,  what is mtmis Punjab, mtmis Lahore, vehicle verification Lahore


In Punjab, the vehicle verification is done by the Excise & Taxation Department and Anti-Narcotics Department. For the benefits of the citizens of the province of Punjab, the Gov. Department of Excise & Taxation Department has devised a compact Motor Transport Information Management System which is often noted as MTMIS Punjab.

MTMIS is a central Database in Punjab where the ownership of a vehicle. Payment of dues and its latest position, important features of the vehicle, and application of the vehicle can be checked and searched. Everyone can click on this database.

It has become very easy in Punjab to check the authenticity of vehicle. Ownership while you get ready to purchase a second-hand vehicle motor car or motorbike. By using the MTMIS system it is very easy to confirm its reality. If the previous owner of the vehicle has not deposited remittances then MTMIS will give you the details of the pending liabilities and leviable taxes so that the present owner can be kept away from extra Burdon and undue liabilities.

Check official site : https://mtmis.excise.punjab.gov.pk/



For vehicle verification in Punjab there is a two-step procedure for customers: –

  • First, visit the official website of Punjab Excise & Taxation Department MTMIS
  • Insert car registration number into the page and click “search”

vehicle verification punjab

Details will appear on the screen:-

  1. Owner’s name
  2. Father’s name
  3. Owner’s city
  4. Latest payment details
  5. Date
  6. Amount
  7. Chassis number
  8. Engine number
  9. Make name
  10. Registration date
  11. Model
  12. Vehicle price
  13. Colour
  14. Token tax paid up to
  15. Application type
  16. Challan paid date
  17. Application current status
  18. Inspection date


If the current Data on Punjab MTMIS is erroneous or it requires revision. If it is a childish error or free taxation affordability then you can visit the office of Punjab Excise and Taxation Department and Narcotics Control Department in Lahore for rectification of the problem.

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Here is a list of documents you will most likely need for Punjab vehicle verification.

  • Vehicle Registration Book
  • License Plate Number
  • Token Tax Record
  • Return File
  • Sale Receipt
  • Sale Invoice
  • Delivery Letter


Office location for vehicle verification Lahore

Address: Government of the Punjab, 2nd Floor, Transport House, 11-Egerton Road,

Contact: 0800-08786

Email: secyent@punjab.gov.pk

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Rawalpindi Office

Address: 22-A, Civil Lines, Rawalpindi

Phone Number: 051-9271926

Email: detrwp@punjab.gov.pk


Faisalabad Office

Address: P/819, behind Serena Hotel, near Jinnah Garden, Faisalabad

Phone Number: 041-9200023

Email: detfsd@punjab.gov.pk


Multan Office 

Address: Lodhi Colony Road, MDA Chowk

Phone Number: 061-9200123

Email: detmn@punjab.gov.pk


Sargodha Office

Address: Mela Mandi Road, Sargodha

Phone Number: 048-9230190

Email: detsgh@punjab.gov.pk


D.G. Khan Office

Address: Railway Road, D.G. Khan

Phone Number: 064-9260186

Email: detdgk@punjab.gov.pk


Gujranwala Office

Address: District Courts, Gujranwala

Phone Number: 055-92 00 431

Email: detgw@punjab.gov.pk


Bahawalpur Office 

Address: Near Civil Court, Bahawalpur

Phone Number: 062 – 92 50 173

Email: detbwp@punjab.gov.pk


Sahiwal Office

Address: Fateh Sher Road, Sahiwal

Phone Number: 040-9200198

Email: det.swl@punjab.gov.pk


In 2017 Punjab Information Technology Board introduced an SMS Punjab vehicle registration and verification  system for the Excise and Taxation Department and Narcotic Control Department. By this service, the smartphone using customers can get the subject verification throughout the country of Pakistan regarding the car registration and bike ownership & payment of dues.

How to check the car registration through SMS?

You just have to send the car registration number to 8785 by SMS. In a few seconds, the details are provided by the system on screen. Such services can be obtained anywhere anytime by interested customers.

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punjab vehicle registration



Apart from online vehicle verification and SMS services. The customers can download Apps Store from Google Play Store which is available for vehicle verification in Pakistan.