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How to Online Vehicle Verification Islamabad & Vehicle Registration – MTMIS Islamabad

In case of buying a second hand car in Islamabad please don’t forget to have it verified from the Excise & Taxation Department Islamabad regarding genuine registration. Here at Islamabad there is a verification form available on website from where such services can be obtained easily. You can buy genuine register motor car or motor bike at your ease. In this post we mention the online vehicle verification Islamabad, mtmis Islamabad, how to Islamabad car verification and Islamabad vehicle registration


The procedure of online and private motor verification varies from province to province. Islamabad Capital City Territory (ICT) has modified verification methods. However since the advent of Federal Excise and Taxation Department Motor Transport Information Management System  (MTMIS) devised which is ultimately made it easy for customers to get their motor vehicles verify at their door steps in a few minutes.

MTMIS Islamabad an integral information system in which the motor vehicles are registered, motor vehicle verification, Traffic Rules, Driving License issuance besides criminal proceedings for tress passing rules and traffic rules violation. All record thereof is available on web. You decide to buy a new vehicle in Islamabad. It is very easy to get rid of any jumble and have I verified online before purchase while getting registration information, owner’s information and address. It can be easily confirm if the vehicle is steal or fake one.


Now it is very easy to verify the ownership of a vehicle at Islamabad.

  • Official website
  • Private apps
  • Personal visits
  • SMS

Here we discuss some of the procedures for online vehicle verification Islamabad :


Online motor verification is now the easiest method from Excise & Taxation Department Islamabad through their official ICT website.

  • Find online services list on screen. Scroll down it is available at drop down menu.
  • Click on “Verification of vehicles”.
  • Screen shot page opens where you can insert registration number of the vehicle and date of purchase.

vehicle verification islamabad

Official Website of  Vehicle verification and Registration Islamabad



Different apps have been devise by the companies from where you can easily check the verification of the motor vehicle. The most of have it not bee approve by the Excise and Taxation Department.


It is better to visit the Excise & Taxation Department Islamabad for motor vehicle verification purposes. The departmental office hours are from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM. Now you can visit the office of Excise & Taxation Department ICT Islamabad situated at Service Road Sector H-9/4, H-9 Islamabad near HEC building for verification of vehicle. Departmental official land line number is 9265588-051 where you can orally convey and register complaints, suggestions, queries and expectation.




mtmis islamabad
MTMIS Islamabad


If you wish to check the validity of motor vehicle by SMS at Islamabad you can verily find the results as such services are limited. Only insert your motor vehicle registration number and SMS to 8521 in shape of text message. After some seconds you get the details. It may take some time or you may not get any answer. Its better to use this instant process as first priority.


  • Registration Number
  • Date of Registration
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Year of Manufacturing
  • Color of the Vehicle
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Token Taxes Paid
  • Owner’s Name

As it is imperative to verify the motor vehicle before purchase from owner of the vehicle but we will also suggest its verification even after purchase and transfer into your name. Excise & Taxation Department Islamabad provides such verification services on its official website from where one can get its motor vehicle verified at its ease. You can verify both

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It is also important to note that Excise & Taxation Department has issued a smart chip through NADRA in National Identity Card where your motor vehicle is registered and it is very easy to confirm the ownership of the vehicle. This smart chip CNIC will replace the Motor Vehicle Registration Book. Please don’t forget your smart vehicle registration card at Islamabad.

This is the all details of Islamabad car verification and Registration.