DI Khan City – Paharpur and Dera ismail khan location

Dera Ismail Khan

Dera Ismail Khan, often referred to as DI Khan, is a town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the Indus River. It is also the capital of a tehsil called D.I.Kan. Established in the late 15th century by Sardar Ismail Khan Baloch, he named the city by his name. The people of DI Khan have a great contribution to Pakistan’s independence. They are brave, warm and hospitable. Historically the area around DI Khan is inhabited by Hazaria, the evidence of which is nearby Rehman Dheri – a pre-Harappan or Kot Dijian, dating to 3300 BC. Dera ismail khan location and Paharpur in the historic derabadabad region, which was established in the 15th century, when the Balochs belonging to Eastern Balochistan were invited by Shah Hussein of the Langa Empire in Multan to settle the area.

Bilot Fort

One of the famous tourist destinations is the pre-Islamic fort called Bilot, which is located on a hill on Dera Ismail Khan. Bilot Fort is the site of many pre-historic temples, located near Bilot Sharif. The ruins are more than a 1000 years old, probably built by the Hindu royal kings who ruled the area from the 8th to the tenth century. During this period, kings built castles at strategic points and added temples to meet spiritual needs. Currently, the walls of the fort are largely dismantled, but the ruins of the temples are still visible.


bilot fort


Sulaiman Peak (Koh-Sulaiman)

Suleiman’s highest peak in Dera Ismail Khan is “Takht Suleiman” or “Throne Suleiman”. This is an area of amazing natural beauty, with amazing mountains that offer endless excursions and excursions. It is believed that Prophet Solomon climbed this mountain and some jinn are confined to the mountain who refused to obey him.


koh e Sulaiman


Sheikh Badin Hills

Heading from Indus Highway to DI Khan, Sheikh Badin Hill, 1400 meters above sea level, east of Piazza, 2 hour drive from Dera Ismail Khan and one hour drive from Pizo. ۔ At one end of its base is marked the presence of the infamous Lucky Cement Factory, which is Asia’s largest cement manufacturing plant. On the other end is the beautiful city of Panala, famous for its gardens, saints and “bursting mangoes”. Among the residents of Panila, Marwat is a large part of the population. There is also a very small number of Seraiki, and the members of this tribe are specific only to the area known as Barch, although most of them are now absorbed in the Marawat.


Sheikh Badin Hills - Paharpur



It is a town in DI Khan district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Paharpur town is the headquarters of Paharpur Tehsil, which is an administrative sub-division of the district, and is a union council. [1] It is located at 32 6’8N 70 58’12E and has a height of 173 meters (570 feet). [2] Zaheer Shah Qadri, a prominent scholar led by Darul Uloom Chishtiya Rizviya, is famous for religious education by Yasin Chishti, under the leadership of Qari Hassan Ali Maweni Gulzar Madinah. Moula Nazar, Hassan Shah, Mutti Sultan Pir Asheb, Kamboh Sharif are holy places. Dera Ismail Khan (Pashto: اردو) is a city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.




Rehman Deri

Rehman Dheri is the site of the pre-Harapan, which is located near the city, one of the oldest sites built in 4000 BC. The ancient town of Harapan existed before civilization. It is located 22 km north of DI Khan. The city is rectangular in shape and the roads are laid out like a grid. A large wall made of clay brick surrounded it. Today there is only one hillock in this shaky city. This is a great heritage site.


Rehman Deri - di khan



In 1940, the British government had established a strong defense at Chaglia, in which police and Malaysians could take positions. It is also an important location of the 4 main markets, IE, Kalan Bazar, Muslim Bazaar, Community Market and Bukhari Bazar. Under this defense, four major gates were adjusted on all four sides of the British Government to cut off the link between the four markets during a bad situation between Hindu and Muslim. The gates are the same today. After the procession, these gates are closed today on the day of the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein, the 10th Muharram of Ashura.


Chogallah - Paharpur


My city, DI Khan, is a very beautiful, culturally rich area of ​​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. I grew up here and I have fond memories of visiting this city. In our native language we call it Dera Fulan da Sehira (Dera is covered with flowers). In recent years, the Shi-Sunni riots have made my city unpopular in the eyes of others, but I know it’s a conspiracy. The people of my city are peaceful and they are very worried about these problems. Business is stopped and events are disturbed by the fear of an explosion or a target kill. The law and order situation is not perfect. All we can do is pray for a good return. Must Visit Pakistan before you die.