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TESCO Online Bill | Download TESCO Duplicate Bill and Print
How To

TESCO Online Bill | Download TESCO Duplicate Bill and Print

TESCO mean Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company.  It works under the supervision of WAPDA in the Tribal Areas and other adjoining areas. With multiple services it brings satisfactions to the customers one of which is the online billing system and services. Check TESCO online bill and get the TESCO duplicate bill enter the reference number of your bill.


Search and examining details of online billing procedure is not a difficult job. Our web site gives instructions to customers to seek the online billing guidance. All you need is the previous bill.

First of all take your last bill and look at the right corner of the bill where 14 digits reference number is given.  There is reference number in all bills. At this moment the latest WAPDA provided reference number may be inserted in Box. If you do not have the latest reference number then insert the old reference number is the box you will instantly get the fresh reference number.

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tesco bill online



TESCO is providing multiple services. Like Customer Services Centre, Offer packages, Complaint system and online billing services. It brings customer satisfaction in all of its services. But the online billing system devised is the best one. Because this service is required each month for payment of bills. All you need is the reference number. Insert the reference number in the relevant box and check. It must be correctly endorsed and added by clicking ye button. Now the system depicts bill on the screen.  If printer is attached press Cont + P and get a copy of it. If printer is not installed then save it to PDF file and download on your own folder.


tesco online bill



Customers are facing a lot of problems. But the basic problem is that what happens? If you lost your tesco bill, misplaced during mailing, erroneously dispatched to other place or lost.  TESCO is here with you for resolving these problems. The company provides bill duplication services to the customers.  Click reference number in the box, and submit it. Then the TESCO duplicate bill popped up on the screen.

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TESCO provide services. Customer can pay one bill online. The customers can pay their bills from home, offices and other places without taking a step or help. The company provides various facilities for payment of bills. The TESCO offers multiple payment systems to the customers including government banking web sites, all post offices, Mobi Cash, Easy Paisa etc.

You may deposit your bill in any branch of a commercial bank like
  1. National Bank Of Pakistan (NBP)
  2. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  3. United Bank Limited (UBL)
  4. Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  5. Bank Al Habib Limited
  6. Meezan Bank
  7. Bank Alfalah
  8. Pakistan Post Office


online bill payment



TESCO is supplying electricity to all these areas.

Apart from it TESCO is providing resolution of problems. If it has some problem in the tribal areas it sends a team of expert workers to that area for resolution of that problem.

  1. Mohmand Agency
  2. Kurram Agency,
  3. South Waziristan Agency
  4. Bajur Agency
  5. Orakzai Agency
  6. North Waziristan Agency
  7. Khyber Agency

However, the name of FRs are following

  • Tank
  • FR Deraa Ismail Khan,
  • FR Lakki,
  • Peshawar
  • FR Kohat
  • FR Bannu



The staff is available on duty from 09:00 AM morning to 5:00PM evening, from Monday to Saturday.

On Friday there is a break of 02 hours for Jumma prayers. If someone wish to visit TESCO then keep the above duty timings in mind.

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TESCO Contact

TESCO Head Office: 213-Mini WAPDA House, Shami Road, Peshawar, Pakistan

Phone Number: 091-9212964

Fax Number: 091-9212950

Email ID: contact@tesco.gov.pk

Website: www.tesco.gov.pk