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How to Check SNGPL Online Bill – Download Sui Gas Duplicate Bill and Print


As the name indicates SNGPL is the sole distributor of natural gas to the northern side of the country of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Like other departments it historically emerged as a private Limited company. In 1963 under the companies’ act of British India enforced before the creation of Pakistan. Later it was upgraded to the status of corporation. Its headquarters is stationed at the capital of Province of Punjab. It serves two provinces of the country i.e. the Punjab and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Read Carefully about to sngpl online bill, sui gas duplicate bill download how to pay sngpl bill online..

Sui gas bill online



Every Pakistani knows that the natural gas serves were initially founded and developed in the Province of Baluchistan especially the area of SUI after which the organization is named at. With the passage of time all the gas reserves found in the country then. Now are collected and attached to the main pipeline traversing the country along with the Grand Trunk road of Pakistan.

As an autonomous entity it ensures the safety of its employees as well the consumers. For that purpose, it has established various departments from within its framework. The administration of SNGPL ranks back to the Grade 22 Govt officers. The chairman is almost a highest military or civilian restaurateur with ample expertise of governance. Internally it has many departments which are tasked with the assignments like billing, purchases from local markets, social welfare, pension and budget, advertisement and promotion of its products and services to grasp more and more customers. For instance, the billing section prepare and ensure its distribution to the door steps of the customers and arranging payment in due time.


How to Check The SNGPL online Bill

The SNGPL online billing system is devised for the convenience of the customers and the administration alike.  All its exchequer goes to certain accounts.

sngpl bill

The production unit of it of prime importance. It manufactures specialized steel pipes of various caliber for its installation to the main lines or the replacement of worn out pipes or new spread of pipelines to the new cities and villages. It has a vast network of underground pipelines one of the world’s biggest, perhaps.

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How to check Sui Gas Duplicate Bill

SNGPL provide now all previous and latest bills online. Mostly, the last record bill is necessary for some excuses. If you have lost your last bill, and you can search all history of your sui gas bill. Some time you are out of the door and you need a duplicate copy of your latest sngpl bill, what would be you do now? To solve this problematic condition, you need to have an active internet facility for this and mobile or laptop. By following these simple steps to get your sui gas duplicate bill online.


sui gas duplicate bill


  • Firstly, you need to click the following link. SNGPL you will see the main page of sui gas official website.
  • select the customer services option and now from the menu select the duplicate copy of the SNGPL bill.
  • Now here a simple form visible to you. 11 digits you will need to add of your bills consumer number except of being using space in the consumer’s field box.
  • The next step you will do to enter the submit button.
  • The last, you will see automatic generation of your sui gas duplicate bill on your mobile or laptop screen in few seconds.

How can I pay the SNGPL online bill anytime?

If you want to pay SNGPL bill online, you need to know about the timings of utility bill stores and banks. Now the billing online services 24/7 is available. You can pay the bill anytime and anywhere.

Payments options of SNGPL :

There are some options to select from for online billing payments. Sui Gas public Company gives facility to paying from everywhere like Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, or anywhere. Your appearance area does not consider, pay the bill online from Pakistan by using these terms

  1. Mobile Banking

  2. Internet

  3. GPOs / NPOs

  4. NADRA Kiosks

  5. ATMs

  6. You can use cell phone applications like jazz cash, Easy paisa, and U account, etc.

    Billing services available by all Banks.


How to pay SNGPL bills through JazzCash?

  • This site provides to complete guide in some easy steps to pay Sui Gas bills online through JazzCash.
  • First of all, you should have to need an activated JazzCash account on your mobile number.
  • Dial in phone *786 #.
  • Now choose the second option, Pay Bills.
  • Select Bill type like Sui Gas.
  • Select SNGPL
  • Now you select 11-digit of SNGPL account ID
  • Write the amount of bill field.
  • Now here for a successful transaction you will need to insert your JazzCash MPIN of account
  • The last, you paid your sui gas bill

You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number


Online Domestic Application:

The other importance branch is of the Application for new connection. The application is available on online too which one can easily fill in and submit. After successful application one has to pay demand notice fee in a predestined bank branch that is nearest to the new customer. Upon submission of demand notice, the nearest management office proceeds to visit the site in the village with its exemplary weaponry the cutting and welding machine attached to its jeep of old fashioned that can be seen periodically in the villages.


The staff dig the ground to reach to the already layed-in pipeline, make a slight puncture and attached new small caliber piece of pipe. The site of puncture is sufficiently covered with charcoal to make it more rust free and water resistant. The damp weather is considered he number enemy of pipe but luckily. We have not seen gas pipes to get rusty so far which is good sign of state of the art productivity of the company.Villagers usually add some barbed wire around the connection line and meter thinking of its more safety and preventing leakage to the children’s damage. In cities one sees open pipes and meters without any specially encasing etc as the people there usually do not damage it by their selves or their children.

The company always ensures constant supply to its consumers. But in old weather or other unfavorable conditions when the supply is scarce it start load management in that area. This situation arises as the use of natural gas multi-folded in this era of transport vehicles converted to the use of gas rather than gas online.

The CNG stations are abundant in the cities and even small villages. Which has added to the responsibilities of the company many a times. The earthquakes and floods are the two dangers that influence the supply country wide.  Though very rare in past, the accidental outburst of main pipelines, are the major issues for the administration. It needs a fully equipped highly efficient quicker services to reach the site. The means of communication require a colossal amount of budget for the purpose.  Admirably the company is facing and tackling all these issues very efficiently. It is worth mentioning that the company get largest of the revenues from other competitive companies. Luckily it never went into bankruptcy like other giant ventures of the country.


SNGPL History

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited short form is SNGPL. This company  found in 1963. In January 1964, it converts to in Public Limited Company under the Act 1913 (companies) of British India. Now Finally, in corporate with the companies’ act 2017 of Pakistan, SNGPL is included in the list of Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Contact for sngpl online bill

Head Office Address: Gas House, 21 Kashmir Road, PO Box No. 50 Lahore 5400, Pakistan
Phone:     042-99083732
Fax:           042-99201369