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Check IESCO Online Bill – IESCO Duplicate Bill and online Bill Payment

Are you searching for IESCO bill online ? Then you are correct point. Its easy to iesco bill online check.  Give your reference number in reference field box and click and check your electricity bill on this website.  Then click and check your bill and see on screen your last consumption bills. Read carefully to know more about iesco bill online check, iesco duplicate bill, iesco bill calculator, iesco online bill payment etc.


Prime aim of Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) is to ensure steady and continuous electricity supply to the areas in her domain. It offer many services to the customers. Besides the online bills system is the best one.  You don’t need to stand in long queue for long time of distress.  While staying at home you can enjoy bill deposit through online billing service.  Whenever you like pay online bill prior to expiry date at your ease. Such services are available 24/7 hours.

iesco online bill



IESCO offers you online check with easy steps.  First of all you need 14 digits reference number, then upon click in, your bill is displayed on screen.  You get your electricity bill monthly at your door steps. You may have lost this month then with your reference number you can find your electricity bill on online.  On reference line and for your ease the website can help you find your reference number too.


check iesco bill


You can check HESCO bill online.


It is not difficult to search your electricity bill online and make its payment. There is a guidance for you which is very easy.  At first you must have previous activity from where you can find your reference number. Sometime WAPDA may alter references numbers in their online system. For that matter all you need is to keep the previous monthly payment bill activity reference.

In case you already know that previous reference number can be found where then forget this fraction. Otherwise find it on right upper corner on the screen and search for it.

Find new reference number. If you don’t have the latest bill or you have kept the months bills in wrong place where the latest reference is usually kept then you would need fresh one. But you don’t know how to find?

You don’t have to worry about it. Because this website will help you search and find the new and latest reference number.  Please keep your old reference number in old reference field and click on search button. Here you can see your last reference number.

When you find reference number then click on it and check your bill on screen as given above the website will open the bill on screen for you. You can find your year round activities on this website.


iesco duplicate bill



Sometime you are unable to find the last bill or you forget where you had kept it. Which is a difficult job for you as it adds to your agony and distress. You think how would I make the payment in time?  Be at ease.  In this era of modernization of technologies you can solve your problems within seconds.  You click on the below buttons, insert your reference number and get a iesco duplicate bill copy.  You will find not only the latest bills but your previous record also. Press cont button + P and get a print of it if your printer on attached online. If you do not have printer installed then download the iesco duplicate bill and keep downloaded copy with you which can be seen any time whether you are online or offline.

You can check PESCO online bill as well.


For making payment to Islamabad electricity Supply Company you have easy JazzCash and EasyPaisa Apps in your cell phone. Besides this you can use ATM and online Banking system for such payments.



You can be at home, office or anywhere with simple easy steps you can make online payment to IESCO. Your Android mobiles help you in this connect. It offer you multiple functions for online IESCO bill payment. It is like an App.  For example, your bank account, official websites of the banks and can be launched with EasyPaisa, JazzCash etc.


iesco online bill payment - iesco bill calculator



Islamabad Electricity Supply Company make supplies to all areas of Islamabad. Besides this such facilities are available for Attock, Jhelum and Kashmir and neighboring cities.  Islamabad Power Supply Company has the duty to help the inhabitants and citizens of that areas. If you belong to that areas then you can contact IESCO staff for resolution of your problems.


From Monday to Saturday, working time is from 09:00AM in the morning till 05:00Pm in the evening.

Sunday is the day off.

There is a break of 02 hours on Friday for offering Friday prayers and lunch.

However if so required you may contact upon keeping the above schedule in mind.


It means Islamabad Electric Supply Company which fulfill needs of the customers of Islamabad area.  It has started functioning as Electricity Board from 1998 and then it was converted to sub division of WAPDA. It has accepted responsivities of electricity supply to Attock and Jhelum. Besides it serves the areas between River Indus and River Neelam in Kashmir. On latest survey 2.8 million customers are facilitated by IESCO. And inhabitants of 6  districts containing 26 million human being are receiving services.


Contact details

Address: Islamabad electricity Supply Company head office Street 40, G-7/4 Sector Islamabad.

Helpline: 118

Phone: 051-9252937, 051-9252938, 051-9252939

Fax: 051-9252927