Top Hotels in Hunza – Luxus Hunza – Eagle Nest Hunza – Hunza Serena Inn

Hotels in Hunza

Hunza is a literal paradise, that has recently been given the spotlight that it so richly deserves. Its so beautiful that we feel it would be a gigantic waste if people wasted away their vacations in their rooms and an even bigger injustice if they aren’t aware where they need to go. Eagle Nest Hunza, Serena Hotel Hunza and Luxus Hunza hotel are the top hotels in Hunza.

There are top hotels in Hunza are following :

Eagle Nest Hunza

Hiking to Eagle Nest Hunza is a wonderful, intimate experience (the sunrise and sunset is a sight to behold). If you’re staying in Karimabad, you can book a rental car which will transport you to the Eagle’s Nest in just half-an-hour (that’ some quick trip). Or if you’re inclined to travel solo, the Eagle Nest Hunza Duikar Hotel is right nearby.

Luxus Hotel

The Luxus Hunza is a very beautifully designed resort on the side of Attabad Lake. Luxus Hunza Hotel is newly built resort which is now open for the guests. It offers most mesmerizing views of the Attabad lake from the rooms which makes it ideal to spend the vacation with friends and families.


Luxus Hotels in Hunza

Cafe De Hunza

A place with a peaceful ambiance and some of the best Walnut Cake in Cafe De Hunza that you might ever taste in your entire life. Cafe De Hunza is a must for anyone that wants to experience the serenity of Hunza along with a cup of hot coffee in the meantime.


Hidden Paradise Hunza

Want some local cuisine to spoil your taste buds? Then you’ll absolutely love Hidden Paradise Hunza with its local cuisine inspired dishes and extravagant variety of foods that are sure to spike your curiosity and treat those taste buds.

A small antique doorway off the main road leads to the rustic restaurant It’s an open courtyard with simple table & benches. We recommend the Yak Meat Roast, it’s an absolute MUST!


Hotel Hunza Embassy

Majestic views, stunning weather and the food to die for, Hotel Hunza Embassy is not only famous for its accommodation but also for its exemplary BBQ and great services when it comes to food. Rakaposhi peaks are such a heavenly place to have your food though…. So we’d always recommend it.

 Osho Maraka

Located within the Serena Inn, Osho Maraka has an extensive menu of local Hunza, Pakistani and Asian cuisine. The serves are large and the food freshly cooked and bursting with flavor.

We would recommend trying the Biryani and the Tumoro Soup, which is simply heavenly. Sort of like the view of Altit fort that’s visible from the restaurant itself.

Pizza Pamir

We know what you’re thinking, who goes to Hunza to try Pizza right? That would be us. The Pizza Pamir is still one of the best places to have a Pizza in Hunza.

The views around the place are breathtaking and their specialty, the Yak-Pizza is delicious and different. The food is affordable, the views are stunning and the staff is friendly making it a must visit if you crave some cheese lovin.

Glacier Breeze Restaurant

Located in Passu, the Glacier Breeze restaurant is stunning as well as calming. It has this really cool ambiance about him that makes you want to just sit back with a cup of tea and relax. Oh and yes, the Apricot Cakes are definitely worth the hype.

Glacier Breeze Restaurant: eagle nest hunza


Cafe De Pamir

The restaurant as a whole handle such a huge variety of delicious cuisines that it makes this place one of the best to eat in Hunza. French, Italian, Desi, Chinese they have everything including the taste to match that variety. The cafe would even help holds seminars if need be.