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For What Meaning in Urdu – Definition For in English to Urdu

For What meaning in Urdu is کس لئے . Additionally, regularly utilized in every day talk like with respect to what. Way to express What in roman Urdu is “kis leye” and Translation of for What in Urdu composing content is کس لئے .

For What Meaning in Urdu

Use the online English to Urdu word reference to check the Urdu significance of English word. Individuals regularly need to decipher English words or expressions into Urdu. Notwithstanding it, the information about the beginning, articulation, and equivalents of a word permits them to discover comparable words or expressions. Here you can check all definitions and implications of for What. In any case, it will permit you to get familiar with the fitting utilization of for What in a sentence. The model sentences assume a decent job in such manner.


for what meaning in urdu


For What meaning in Urdu کس لئے . As a matter of fact, the word for what is an exclamatory word, frequently used to speak to the inquiry. The word for what is the individual from five inquisitive pronoun what, which, who, whom, where well known with the name of ‘WH’ question, utilized in posing inquiries in regards to either people or things. The word ‘ for What’ depends on four letters word it speaks to that this word is anything but difficult to articulate.


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Eng to Urdu Meaning of For

For Meaning in English to Urdu is کیلیے , ” K Leye” as written in Roman Urdu. There are numerous equivalents of for which incorporate As, Because, Being, Considering, Now, Since, Whereas, Inasmuch As, As Long As, and so forth


Locate the right significance of For in Urdu. It is imperative to comprehend the word appropriately when we make an interpretation of it from English to Urdu. There are consistently a few implications of each word in Urdu. The right importance of For in Urdu is کو, and in roman we compose it Ko. Different implications are Baabat, Baraye, Liye, Baray, Ko, Wastay, Waasta, Khatir, Taraf, Bajaye and Iss Niyat Say. For is a relational word as per grammatical features. It discovers its causes in Old English, most likely a decrease of a Germanic relational word signifying ‘previously’ (set up or time); identified with German für, likewise to front. There are likewise a few comparative words to For in our word reference, which are As, Because, Being, Considering, Now, Since, Whereas, Inasmuch As and As Long As.


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