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Qasim Ali Shah Biography 


Qasim Ali Shah was born on 25th of December 1980 in Gujarat, the famous city of Punjab. He was a child that his family shifted from to Gujarat to Lahore. And when he grown up, he has admit in Primary School near his area. He passed his F.Sc with high scores from the Government College Islamia Civil Lines Lahore. Then he has taken admission in the University of Engineering And Technology. After completing his education, he passed his CSS exam and hired as a Government Officer. Sudden he felt, that he should to be a good teacher and motivational speaker that he supports other’s life. He left his job and started guiding and teaching. He became a great famous motivational speaker of Pakistan. We dscuss about Qasim Ali Shah books, Qasim Ali Shah Lectures, Qasim ali shah foundation and his life story.


The main reason behind to be a Trainer, Counselor and Motivational Speaker of Qasim Ali Shah.

Qasim Ali Shah highly inspired by the teachers, guiders, the leaders that tried their best to lead towards the right way and some historical teachers who were known for their best guidance, include Wasif Ali Wasif, Ishfaq Ahmad and Baano Aapa. Insight of Qasim Ali Shah, in our society, a teacher just gives high scores and degree to their students. They have just belief in it and it has become as a profession in their life. While, a teacher should show dreams to their students and guide them in the best way in all directions aside from their subjects.


How Qasim Ali Shah dealt with darkest hours, up and down moments in his 22 years journey?

When he felt himself a weak in all ways then seek help from Allah Almighty. Because once in   “The Current Interview” he said that if anybody feels remediless he should seek from Allah Almighty and he also did this in his most critical situations that he had faced in his life.


What is the ultimate goal ?

As a good teacher gives a mindset to the society that makes them able to think, to create questions. The ultimate goal of his journey is to create Positive and Supportive Role in others life and dreams that help them to get rid from inferiority complex.


What is the advice of Qasim Ali Shah for daughters?

He said in his “The Current Interview” that if a person has four sons and one daughter and he is able to make only one to educate, then he should make his daughter educated. Because an educated woman is not only educated for her self but also for the whole family.


Insight of Qasim Ali Shah how a person can explore his talent?

The first thing is that a person can discover his talent by do not focusing on visible trends. Hear yourself that what are the works that tired you and what do not. You first understand yourself then look at your surroundings.


What are the things that necessary for the Public Communications ?

The three things that are necessary for the field of public communication that have a Communication Skill, should have a knowledge and cognition to the Relevant Content and the third thing is Relevant Personality.


Books By Qasim Ali Shah Books:

Instead of his best guiding lectures, he is also a good writer. He wrote his many books.

Evening Rides With My Guru My Persuit Of Wisdom With Qasim Ali Shah

This book is written by Abubakkar Zahoor in result of his inspiration from his teacher Qasim Ali Shah. This book describes that what we find, that makes us unique from others. We all are the traveler of facility.

The price of this book is 480.

Jeet ki Janib

( Jeet ki Janib ) is a translated book of Qasim Ali Shah..,  He leads the youth and public towards the right path.

He wrote many books. Finding the book “One Thing” asset, he has taken permission from he author and translated it in the Urdu language which is then published by Jamhoori Publications in 2018, named as “Jeet ki Janib”.

Garry Keller and Jay Papsan authored the “One Thing” book. The book “Jeet ki Janib” draws attention towards the purpose and preferment. Shah’s book announces that first of all you should have to find that what is your Affection for which you can take risk, can learn accomplishment, can put tour time and strength, and can pay price that after it follow that way to become expert.


Tashkent Say Istanbul (A Travelogue)

When Altaf Ahmad met with Qasim Ali Shah, he became admirer of his works and lectures. After listening, his six minutes video inspired Altaf Ahmad to meet his inspiration in Badal DO compaign and spend six days in Uzbekistan and Turkey.

Travel always transforms an individual in some ways. From Uzbekistan to Turkey’s travel transformed him from being a teacher to a writer elucidating his knowledge with practical reference.


Zara Num Ho

Book was published in 2014. This book contains 400 quotes, reflections and thoughts based on different phenomenon of life. This book has a tendency of Hope. In each line there is a specific comprehension through which anyone can write a thematic essay.

The price of this book is 300.

Soch ka Himalaya

This book was publish in 2018. This book provides the sense of thoughts to a reader. The parameters with which we can pattern our thoughts are self-managements, the search for passion, the secret of wealth and mental strength.

The price of this book is 600.

Oonchi Uraan

The essays of this book lead to a new life dimension by emerging a Sense of Gratitude, Self-Actualization, search for a Mentor, Communication Skills, teaching of Ahl-e-Tasawuf with thoughts provoking quotation and sayings.

Kamyabi ka Paigham

( Kamyabi ka Paigham ) opens that way of success,  that make an ordinary man an unusual or extraordinary  person which shows how a person get success in their life.

Career Counseling Encyclopedia

Qasim Ali Shah like a good mentor encourages youth to follow a passion or keep passion with profession so that with responsibility comes to inner satisfaction of maneuvering your craft.

Bari Mazil kay Musafir

This book’s original version was published in 2016, drastically elucidating the phenomenon of personal development and self improvement by conquering the obstacles and working on grooming thyself to become visitor of a prodigious destination.

Paper Attempt Skills

In this book Qasim Ali Shah described that how to attempt a paper. Because many students attempt their paper in wrong way due to which they cannot get high score.

Aap Ka Bacha B Kamyab Ho Sakta Hay

This book is not less that as a gift for the parents. It guides the parents that how your child can get success and bring more improvements.