Beautiful Places, Lakes and Hotels in Naltar Valley Hunza Pakistan

Naltar Valley is Located in the Hunza Gilgit-Baltistan the fifth area of Pakistan (The Doorway of the World) and (The Township of the mountains). Naltar Valley is 40 km from Gilgit city over the ordinary valley and its height is around 4,678 m (15,348 ft.).Naltar valley is exceptional for its greatness, hotels and its delightful lakes. It is the most visiting zone for the travelers across over silk road, KKH( Karakorum Highway) and now CEPC. People said it is the veritable paradise. That is the explanation every year more than fifty thousand visitors came to see its greatness and capitalize on their mid-year get-away season. While in the winter season the national skating title held tight the primary January to end of February reliably.

It is being said through the out of date history Naltar valley is the total at first discovered town and beginning of Gilgit. The old people of Gilgit were trackers and Shepherds They lived in Wild zones they used meat and Butter as only sustenance to persevere. As the time censured the people were made and advance toward the urban networks they got the hang of everything about the world until the day that they showed up character. The Naltar valley is notable for certain reasons yet a couple of reasons I made sure about are underneath.


Winters in Naltar Valley

During the winters, Naltar offers a magnificent experience of skiing on its notable slopes that pull in vacationers by the droves. The ski resort is constrained by the Pakistan Air Force, close by the starting late presented ski lifts that take skiers to the most elevated purpose of the inclination.


Naltar is home to three Beautiful lakes alluded to aggregately as the Bashkiri Lakes far13 km from Naltar Bala, it takes about an hour of taking off on unmetalled avenues to reach them. Here and there the course, which is an earth track, cold streams can be seen spilling over the verdant valley floor. As a result of the satisfactory vegetation, these are flawless crunching grounds, attracting Gujjar drifters who travel here with their dairy animals.


Satrangi Lake

Taking everything into account, it was hard to acknowledge that a lake could mirror indistinguishable number of tints from this one from having seen just a couple of pictures. Predictable with its name which implies seven concealed, the most perceptible tones were blue, green and amazingly, yellow, The peaceful, quiet water lay still as the lowered plants particularly green development gave all the more concealing from under the immaculate water surface.

Satrangi Lake


Pari Lake

The Pari Lake was absolutely exceptional, in any case. Out and out greater than the Satrangi lake, this ideal snow-topped lake contained dim blue water sourced from typical springs and cold melts. Floating on a secretly planned float, I was instructed by the pilot that the water enters the lake from underground and everything considered there is no stream or conduit over the lake which feeds water into it. It was intriguing to see that a campsite was developed with different splendid tents orchestrated along the shores of the lake.



Naltar Bridge

There is a stunning Naltar bridge in Naltar Valley. This Naltar bridge is over the Naltar River and serves to cross the Naltar River for the tourists and therefore the natives. This bridge isn’t so strong which is why it’s advise to cross the bridge, not in an exceedingly big gathering.


Culture And People of Naltar Valley

Naltar is a rich culture and momentous history. In Naltar there are two towns Naltar Pain and Naltar Bala and two ethnic social events imparting in different vernaculars Includes Shina and Gujjri. The current training pace of Naltar is 94%, differentiate and 45% in Pakistan in Naltar grade school enrolment is 100% for youngsters and 89% for youngsters.


Gilgit Baltistan Longest Chairlift

Naltar Valley is the best spot like a home of all skiing activity in Pakistan. Individuals cannot tolerate the expense of skiing gear because of its abundance of exorbitant.


Wild Life

If you have to see a bit of the extraordinarily phenomenal wild animals, you can find them in the Naltar Valley. The Lovely Park is acclaim for harboring markhor and snow jaguar are existing in Naltar Lovely Park. Park is orchestrate near ski incline under characteristic life division.


Food items for Foodies

Towns around Naltar valley are acclaim for neighborhood products of the soil couldn’t want anything more than to taste them just as pack some of it in your sack to reclaim as a gift from the town. You will discover, apples, cherries, apricots; in dry organic products you will discover almonds, chestnuts, pecans and so on. Town individuals love natural nourishment so you will invest some great energy with Desi dishes and food sources.


Road Conditions

The street prompting Naltar from Gilgit is for the most part metaled however from Naltar (Pine) to Naltar (Bala). You will locate some terrible patches like unpaved and lopsided restricted streets. Naltar Bala and Naltar Pine are two towns of Naltar valley. Naltar Pine Is a ways off of 34 kilometers and Naltar Bala at 40 kilometers from Gilgit. The way to Naltar Lakes is 13 Km good ways from Naltar (Bala) and you will go nearby streams, descending from neighboring mountains. In winters arriving at lakes gets extremely troublesome because of snowfall that can associate with 15 feet on the streets. From Naltar Pine onwards you would require jeeps to cover the separation as your vehicle may not be fit for withstanding the knocks and lopsided fixes along your way.



Skiing: Naltar Valley draws in countless vacationers for skiing.

Mountaineering, Trekking, and Hiking : The region is perfect for mountaineering, trekking, and climbing.

Flora and Fauna: Roses, lilies, pansies, Willow, pine, and fir trees are find in wealth.

Wild life: the Valley is home to Wildlife, for example, Markhor, Ibex, Snow panther, and winged animals, to be specific chakor, partridge, and ducks.

Camping: Alongside lakes and mountains


Temperature/Best time to visit

The magnificence of lakes can be investigate in the months from May to September. Early summers are favored as you will abstain from searing daylight in top summer season. The separations are shrouded in jeeps for the most part, in this way, you are protected from arriving into boggy grounds happened from snow liquefying.


How To Get There


Highway 1″ By Air” Gilgit to Naltar valley:

45 minutes trip to Gilgit and 1 h 30 min (50 km) to Naltar Valley from Gilgit


Highway 2 – Islamabad to Gilgit to Naltar Valley:

Roughly, 15 hours 30 minutes (555.4 km)

It takes the course from Islamabad to Abbottabad.  Abbottabad to Balakot to Naran to Babusar Pass to Chilas to Gilgit to Naltar Valley. Generally, short course however is open just in summers.


Highway 3 – Islamabad to Gilgit to Naltar Valley:

Roughly, 21 hours and 30 minutes

It takes the course from Islamabad to Abbottabad to Besham to Kohistan to Chilas to Gilgit to Naltar Valley. Generally, long course however stays open the whole way across the year.


altar Valley Hotels and Places to Stay

  • Mehmaan Resort
  • Serena Hotel
  • Sarai Silk Route
  • Al Qaim Guest House
  • Hotel Riveria
  • Hunza experience guest house
  • Oasis hotel gilgit
  • Yak Tail Guest House
  • canopy nexus
  • The Crown Lodge
  • Springfield


Explore Pakistan Recommended Gear for Naltar Valley Travel Adventure:

  • Trekking boots/Joggers/Comfortable Shoes/Slippers
  • Water bottle
  • BackPack
  • Fleece/Sweaters
  • Torches with extra batteries
  • T-shirts for day trekking
  • Socks, preferably woollen (4-6 pairs)
  • Muffler (Must Keep with you)
  • Gloves (Must Keep with you)
  • Beanie (Must Keep with you)
  • soap/Handwash or a sanitizer, wipes, and toothpaste.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun-Block

The excellence tempted valley of Naltar valley has entranced the sightseers visiting the district. Indeed, even around the year, it gives the charming perspective on the snow-canvassed valley in winters, pine trees with green floor covering wherever in springs and summers and without a doubt the excellent lakes cause eyes to mitigate and hearts liquefy with the scope of hues it shows. Once to get seeing this paradise. You will in reality you will begin to look all starry eyed at Naltar Valley.